After your visit to some homes, you repeatedly tell to yourself, “What a beauty interior! They may have employed a high-class interior designer for that job with handsome amount “But it’s not true. If you have some ideas in mind while planning your home, it can be attained easily. Just go through my tips and plan your home according to it. You can also own super homes if you plan so.


First impression begins from gate and wall

Yes, first impression begins from outside. So, let us begin with gate.

1. Very often it’s seen, after constructing a beautiful home, a huge wall is also built covering the whole beauty of home. Instead make small walls. Let everyone see your home from distant. You can place small beautiful plants with flowers on the top of wall. Also make a royal gate that fits the royal look of your home. Big gates give a fresh appeal to homes. If your home has a good court yard, it’s simply the best. 

2. Find place for a small tap in the courtyard, before your sit out so that you can wash your legs before entering inside home.

3. Make sitting arrangements in the sit out. If you are adopting modern designing, never opt for traditional steps or benches.

4. If your courtyard is small, place flower pots on wall to save space. 


Living room lavishly

5. Use comfortable furniture in your living room. In the center you can place a small carpet (area rug) and place a teapoy on the top. Wooden teapoy with less height is the best.

6. You can choose cotton with traditional prints for upholstery work for settee. If you choose silk cloth, it makes your living room bright.

7. No need to spend money for cushion covering. Instead buy bits from shops in cheap rate. Mix and match them to stitch covers with two or more designs.

8. For a single cushion, you can use two type of cloth stitched together giving it a special pattern or look.

9. Room curtains should match well with sofa design and colour. Fabric blends, that can be raised up and pulled down is the latest trend.

10. Plants and flowers add beauty to your interior. Also gives you a positive energy and freshness. Never choose cactus, anthodium or orchid. Small flowers are good. Change them once in a while.

11. Staircase should begin from living room or dining hall. Wooden handrails with thick embroidery are out of fashion now. Glass and steel is the latest trend. Make it simple. Staircases with wall contact don’t need separate rails. Instead it can be fixed in walls itself.

Living room and dining hall with freshness

12. While choosing chairs for dining table, opt for those with less height splat. Your chair should not be too high. If so, your room will appear less spacious.

13. Fix wash basin a little away from your dining table. Now fixing counter along with wash basin is the latest trend. You can fix colourful tiles of a beautiful picture and above that fix a mirror. The space below can be used for making storage.


14. Even if small, allocate a room for the get together of all family members. Low seating is best for such rooms. Place a TV also. Use computer work to join the single photos of family members and make a few nice photos and frame them to place in this room.

Bedroom for relaxation

15. If your family has small kids, instead of buying beds buy normal family coat and fix a small bed along with it that can be pushed inside. If so, you can save a lot of space in your bedroom. Just fix stoppers on the four wheeled small bed so that it can be pushed beneath the family coat when not in use. When your kids grow you can remove this small bed from the big one and use it in his room later.

16. If your bed room has good height, make a study space above 7 feet. It can be made of concrete and this type of designing is known as ‘Mesanin floor’.

17. Instead of placing head position of bed close to a wall, vacate a small space there in between bed and wall. It can be reserved for a small study area for kids. If so, you can study or read behind head board without disturbing a sleeping person.

18. While designing windows, make the place below the sill a little broader. If so, you can make use of it as a seat. 

19. On one side of your bed room, place a big window to allow free flow of light and air. Also, your room will appear spacious.

20. You should make dressing arrangements within your bedroom. If you don’t have sufficient space, arrange a wardrobe unit inside your bedroom. Instead of architect’s plan, arrange your wardrobe units according to your needs. Keep separate shelves for hanging sarees, shirts etc. Make shelves with size that suit your dress category.

21. If you want to reuse an already used cloth, make a separate space to keep such clothes. Its lid should be of loovers’ type to allow air circulation (not fully closed). A separate place should be designed beneath the wardrobe to put used clothes for washing later. Avoid plastic baskets from your bedroom with dirt clothes. 

22. Design a few pullout drawers in wardrobe, similar to kitchen to place undergarments and hand kerchiefs. 

23. A separate unit to place makeup items should also be provided.

24. Place a pin point near the place where you dress and make up, so that you can use a hair dryer if needed. Fix lights at desired positions for makeup uses.

25. Bed sheet designs can be done by you. Buy different bed sheets and stitch them in unique way to get different patterns.

Kitchen according to housewife’s desire

26. Stick colourful tiles in the wall behind stove or hob to give a fresh look. It gives you positive energy while cooking.

27. Instead of wall tiles, use big ceramic tiles for walls. It gives a nice look.

28. Place a window near your sink. House wife can watch outside scenery while washing dishes. If there is a nice garden outside, it’s really pleasant. 

29. If you are a working lady, small kitchen of corridor type is best for you. It’s also known as parallel kitchen. Place a window in between the two counters. Otherwise you can opt for a spacious kitchen. 

30. If place near the kitchen window outside is lifted a bit up, you can plant chillies, coriander, curry leaves plant etc. House wife can pluck them easily while working in kitchen.

31. Arrange kitchen in such a way that you can watch TV placed in living room. You can also provide an opening between kitchen and living room to provide this facility. 

32. Counter top height should be proportional to house wife’s height. Make this factor in note while designing kitchen. Fix it, taking account of the flooring also, that’s done in the later stage. 

33. Never fix sink at any corner of counter top. Space should be there at both sides for placing dishes – one side for applying dish bar and place and the other side to wash them and place. Now sinks with drain boards on both sides are available in market though expensive. If sink with single bowl is bought in between countertop, you can save money.

34. If sink depth is too high, it gives back pain to housewife and if it’s too shallow, you can’t place too many dishes inside and also will get wet soon. So, buy sink of an intermediate size.

35. If you don’t have a store room, place a lot of cupboards beneath countertop. Provide them with some drawers also. You can fix glass shelves on walls near stove to place frequently used ingredients. Place ingredients in colourful bottles of uniform style to give it a unique style. It makes your kitchen more spacious. 

36. Most frequently used vessels, plates, spoons and glasses can be placed in cupboard near the sink. 

37. You can give a big opening between your kitchen and dining room and space a chair in between the counter top and dining hall. You can thus convert your counter top to breakfast table saving space.

38. When you choose hob, make note of the number of burners. If it’s a 4 burner stove, assure that burners at rear end should be placed in a slightly elevated position. Otherwise you will feel difficulty in using big pots at the same time together. Also, if rear end is slightly elevated, you can check contents in the back side easily.

Bathroom is now spacious and luxurious

39. Place wash basin and closet in dry area and arrange bathing place in wet area. Glass or shower curtain can be used to partition them. You can also build a small wall in between.

40. While choosing tiles for your bathroom, construct the floor in different themes. Border tiles give you more expense. Instead you can choose any highlight colour of the same floor tiles and provide border. It gives a fresh look and saves your money too.

41. During flooring your bathroom, use one stone tile of rough type. It can be used for cleaning your feet while bathing.

42. Now wall closets are the latest trend. It gives a special look to your bathroom as well as makes it more spacious. Bathroom cleaning is also easy.


43. Light colour closet and wash basins are not only cheap but also easy to note dirt. So, such light coloured closets can be kept clean always.

44. Concealed flushes are now available in market. They can be placed inside wall, thus saving space.

45. Instead of a small ventilator, use a big window. Use tinted glass, that won’t be visible from outside. After use, you can keep your windows open to allow fresh air. Also, your bathroom will dry easily removing dirt smell. You can place small money plants near this window.

46. If you want to enlarge the size of your bath room, place a mirror. It gives a spacious effect to your bathroom.

47. Floor level of bathroom should be low comparing the bedroom, to avoid entering of water to bedroom.

48. If it’s not possible to give big windows to your bathroom, place a glass above wash basin to assure enough sunlight inside the room. You can place pebbles or grass beneath it. 

While designing keep these things in note

49. Before starting electronic work, clearly decide where you need plugs and switches. Plan early where to iron clothes and where to place sewing machine and computer. After planning these things, design switches, lights and plug points.


50. Before constructing walls, you should have a clear idea where you should build inbuilt shelves and cupboards. Construct small spaces in bathrooms to place soap and shampoo. Same way, you can construct a small space above kitchen sink to place dish washer and other things after use. Your sink will look clean, dry and tidy.

51. Make small nish wherever you want to hung pictures.

52. Hooks of the ceiling should be provided at concrete stage itself. Otherwise it gives over-expense later. It’s nice to place a bamboo swing in veranda and for kids in bedroom or kids’ room. Provide hooks earlier itself. 

53. Never use different colours for different rooms. Instead use different shades of same colour. If you design a colour theme for floor, walls and furniture, it’s really great. All these three elements should have a matching ingredient.

54. You can make cement seats in your bathroom using concrete. Fix a tile on its top. You can seat for a while inside bath room after an oil massage.

Floor tiles with care

55. You can choose flooring of any type. But try to bring your own unique style in it. If arrangements follow certain uniform patterns, it gives a unique look.

56. To highlight the passage between rooms, for example, in between dining room and living room or kitchen, choose a different flooring tile with another colour or pattern.

57. Use antiskid tiles in bathroom, work area, sit out, wash places etc.

58. Use joint-free tiles in kitchen and bathrooms to avoid dirt deposits.

Light with brightness

59. Buy electric fittings and appliances with star rating. They may be a bit expensive, but reduces your electricity bill a lot in future.

60. Buy lamp shades with simple designs. More decorative lamp shades are difficult to clean. Also, they become dirt easily. Lamp shades with upward opening should be avoided. They get dust easily. Also, small pests may be trapped inside them easily.

61. Use ‘indirect lighting’ for rooms which adds beauty to your decorations. Attach a small wooden piece above lintel and attach lamp on rear side. By arranging lamps in this way, light won’t penetrate your eyes much.

62. Place spot lights for pictures and indoor plants that need special attention.

63. Fit a two-way exhaust fan outside the ventilator of your bed rooms. 10 minutes before you go to sleep, switch on the exhaust fan to push all the hot air outside. Then reverse the switch to get cold air inside.

64. Now heat reflecting paints are available in market that can be applied on roofs of homes to reduce heat absorption.

65. Never place things as obstacles near windows and doors to prevent the free flow of air and sunlight.  

So, I have given 65 simple ideas for your new home’s interior. All the very best for a very good interior! 

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