Home Decoration does not only mean to make any home beautiful. But also it means that to have such a place, where you can put your identification, where you can describe yourself. There is no doubt, if we have different-different beautiful things in our house, it give a nice indication of our imagination. Apart from this, if you put a little imaginative and Creativity thoughts in your house, then you can give a different look to your neat and clean house. You can change the neat and clean, but dull house into liveliness, colors and can make your home stylish. You make your house look active.

To give a different and attractive look to your house, you can use different materials like Fabric or colors, paint or lighting, glass or Crystal. The demand of Crystal is increasing day by day for interior decoration. Transparent crystal, shining Crystal which is used in Ornaments, Art pieces, lamp, glass, and pot is in crystal decoration. Now a day’s crystal may be used and would be popular, but there is huge old History behind it.

History of Crystal

Every piece of Crystal tells us a huge old story. Crystal is been used since 16th Century when the Chandelier of rock crystal were used, which is antique silver finish and it is hand carved. To increase the light of candles was the purpose of inventing this. In 17th Century, rock crystal came into existence. The Arabs and Persian used to make pot from rock crystal. Those were used to make Rock crystal Chandelier. In the mid of 16th Century, to spread the light of Candles on the Chandelier, rock crystal, Mirror and plate of brass was used. Rock crystal was rare, so at that time too, they were expensive.  In 1967, one English Glass-maker George Ravenscroft, created one transparent glass similar to rock Crystal. To make the glass soft and flexible, lead oxide was introduced. In this way, it was easy to cut this glass and it was much flexible than rock crystal. 

To make Chandelier, from 16th century to 19th century, various new crystals were used. Paraffin and other lamps were started to use for getting light, the manufacturing of Chandelier were made very less and instead of using as the source of light, it was just used for only decoration of the house. Chandelier were started to use more as a voluptuousness and now a days just as we see some beautiful Chandelier, when we visit any Fort, there we see such Chandelier, were made.

Belief of Crystals

In Ancient Egypt, the use of Crystal was more. During the Discovery done by Archaeology in Egypt, there were some documents found, in which it is written that during that time crystal was also used to cure disease. North, South and Middle American were using crystal for Spiritual, Society proceeding and other medical treatments. The tribesman believes that the good spirits, who has lived a good life, goes into this crystal. In China and Japan, Quartz crystal was used as the symbol of Dragon’s heart. Ancient people used to cure their body, by keeping these crystals on various parts of our body. Still, this tradition is in existence, where these ancient people resides. 

Crystal and its popularity

Now a day’s crystal is used to decorate our house. Its trend is increasing. We never see one and only one trend in the market and at house. It keeps on changing. For interior decoration starting from wooden decorative things to Roth Iron is used. To put a new look to the furniture, to create on illusion between space and light, mirror is used. But, due to some creative work done by the workers, the use of Crystal is increasing day by day. Crystal can give the same effect of mirror as well as we can see rainbow in it, due to this reason, crystal has taken place of mirror in decoration of our house. Crystal is very clean, transparent, attractive glass and due to its beauty, it is very much appreciated. Crystal is available in various colors and using it, the grace of the house increases.

Demand for Artificial things

At present, in the market there are not only beautiful Crystal pot and vase available to decorate our house but also various Crystal images and artificial things made up of crystal are available. From foreign also, we can import these things easily. Hand Carved mirror made up of Crystal are very much in demand. Crystal is given a huge importance to decorate. Crystal can be used on doors; the upper side of table, to separate some room, the stand used can be of crystals. Also in the Marriage, where we take “Phere”, there too the decoration is done of crystals. Now a day’s people try to put very less things in their house and in that crystal play a very important role. The place of Silk flowers is taken by Crystal flowers.

Every people buy Crystal made items according to their use and space available in their house. The demand of Colorful Crystal is huge in market. Blue, red, green colors crystals are popular. Since many years we see bright and polished crystals in the ornament of men and Women. Now, these things are very much common.

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