When someone dreams of a new home, the first things striking their mind will be spacious living room, enough sunlight and good ventilation. When plans are drawn keeping these three things in mind, rooms are given wider spaces adding extra cost for construction forgetting the minimum principle that not only big rooms, but small rooms can also be designed spacious provided minimum furniture is used and more importance is given to large windows and rooms than big rooms. Maintenance of a home with large surface are invites additional expenses including electricity bill and it’s a Herculean task to clean a big home and keep it tidy always. So, best option is to go for a small home with spacious arrangement giving importance to sunlight and proper ventilation. That’s the reason why minimalism is creating big waves in the art of interior designing.

It’s sure, interior designing is an art and a creative mind is needed for properly arranging things. While doing so, why can’t we make it simple? That’s the reason why minimalism is the principle used in contemporary designs – simple, spacious but elegant.

What is minimalism?


When straight lines and square shapes are made basics for designing interior it becomes minimalism. They are inspired from Japanese construction, ‘royal, but simple!’ It was influenced by ‘the less in more’ strategy of designing widely used in Japan and Scandinavia during 1950’s. But it lost its popularity during middle years. But now, the days of minimalism in architecture and interior planning have returned back.

Now, in a highly populated country like India, it’s not at all an easy task to find big plots for constructing homes. So, better idea is to make small homes with simple designs and simple furniture to make it appear spacious and lively. That’s the main reason why contemporary homes are gaining popularity again, nowadays.   

What are the peculiarities of minimalism?

Keep everything, including decorations and wall colours – simple. It’s the basic principle of minimalism. Its essential ingredients include all the minimal factors needed for a peaceful and happy atmosphere and a simple family.

Here, things are designed in such a way that they can be used in multiple ways. Also, interior walls are avoided as much as possible reducing expenditure and giving a spacious appeal to your home. Preference is given to natural lighting than artificial lamps, thus increasing your health and decreasing your electricity bill. To attain minimalist beauty in simple ways, just go through these points.

  • Basic principle is to avoid furniture as much as possible. Very often, people try to exhibit their richness by showing it in a royal way in the form of expensive furniture, curtains and colourful decorations. Never fill your interior with a lot of furniture.
  • Plan more open places in your design, to allow maximum sunlight and air inside.
  • Remove all hindrances so that light and air can enter your rooms and travel freely.
  • Use simple designs for furniture and soft furnishing including curtains and rugs.
  • Give importance to natural colours than artificial and bright ones. Kindly avoid dark and attractive colours that make your rooms appear dim and less spacious.
  • While doing furnishing avoid curve designs. Every thing should be designed as straight and perpendicular lines.
  • You should be able to walk freely. No need of big rooms. It can be done only if you keep minimum furniture and designing your interior through proper planning.
  • Your home should closely mingle with surroundings and nature. For that, you can provide glass walls and big open doors and windows to feel closeness with nature.

So, it’s not a significant factor that we construct big homes spending a lot of money and filling each space of it with expensive furniture and decorations. More important is that, people who are living inside should be able to take deep breathes freely and walk through neat, tidy and well arranged rooms with a pleasant mind and healthy thoughts. For such ideas, only minimal cost is needed. So, minimalism designs give you minimal costs, minimal maintenance expenditure, but maximum happiness for sure. If your dream is to build a home like this, no doubt, you can choose principles of minimalism for your interior. 

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