This article introduces the new boddunan article submission page and how to proceed with basic steps involved in content writing on boddunan. Every author on boddunan is recommended to read this article thouroughly before proceeding with submitting articles.


Before Start

Before we go into the topic we need to understand few things about the boddunan editor. Please read the below points carefully

  • You can switch to HTML mode by clicking "Switch to HTML Mode" button above the editor. In HTML mode, your content formatting will not be preserved, rather you have to do it through HTML only.
  • You must write proper HTML content while writing the articles (In non-HTML mode, the editor do it for you.), however it need not be sophisticated HTML but a simple and basic HTML is enough.
  • The editor is fully equiped with tools and power to help you quickly write more beutiful articles than before
  • While you type in the HTML start tag, the editor automatically creates the end tag for you in HTML mode.
  • The editor preserves the formatting you do on the editor when you edit the article for next time. This will allow you to easily edit the articles whenever you want
  • You can make use of the editor buttons to quickly type in the basic HTML tags.
  • You can use keyboard short cuts inside the editor for easily formatting such as bold, italic, underline etc.
  • You can ues Full Screen button on toolbar to write the article in full screen, lets you to see more content while you write.

What are the important things to remember?

  • The article title must be meaningful and reflects the article content, the better the title, the better the rating.
  • Select right category, otherwise your article may get disapproved.
  • Please fill in the meta keywords and description. Do not copy description from article content, instead summarise the article in more understandable manner as it is used by search bots.
  • DO NOT USE "Admin Only" and "Reviews" categories for articles, your article in rejected list otherwise.
  • Do not repeat the article title inside the content, it will be displayed by the site.
  • If it is tedious to write html tags and make sure everything correct, you can write the content first and format it before submitting.
  • Please DO NOT leave any blank space on top or bottom of the article content
  • Please DO NOT format the headers/subheadings manually. Use header 2, header 3 etc from format dropdown on editor toolbox.

How to write article

Writing article on the editor is pretty much simpler than before. All you need to know are basic formatting tags which are explained below


Always use heading tags (h2-h6) for writing headings and subheadings, H1, H2, H3 are available as buttons on editor toolbar (do not use H1). for example,

<h2>This is my sample heading<h2>

and it will output:

This is my sample heading

You can see all sub headings on this article. The article title is presented in H1 tag and hence you should not use H1 tag inside the article.

Text Formatting

Use can make use of the text formatting buttons such as B, I, U on the toolbar for making the text bold, italic and underline respectively. For example,

<strong>This is shown in bold</strong>
<em>This is shown in italics</em>
<u>This is underlined text</u>

The above code will output as:

This is shown in bold This is shown in italics This is underlined text

Write within paragraph tags to show the text in separate line unlike shown above.


Most of the time you tend to write bullet/numbered lists by writing numbers before each line manually. This will makes the site unable to present the list in proper manner. Use the bulleted (unordered) or numbered (ordered) list buttons on the toolbar. For example,

	<li>This is numbered point 1</li>
	<li>This is numbered point 2</li>

The above code output as:

  1. This is numbered point 1
  2. This is numbered point 2

Similarly you can use unordered list

	<li>This is bullet point 1</li>
	<li>This is bullet point 2</li>

and the output:

  • This is bullet point 1
  • This is bullet point 2


You can insert images using the image button:

<img src="" alt="Boddunan Logo" />

The ouput will be:

Boddunan Logo


You can use the link button on toolbar to add text links in your article, mainly useful for adding reference links at the bottom of your article. ex:

<a href="">Boddunan Home Page</a>

The output will be:

Boddunan Home Page

Boddunan allows maximum 2 reference pages as links at the bottom of the article, though they should be valid references to the article content. No spam links please.


All your plain text must be in between the paragraphs tags. Otherwise all your text will be displayed as if it is one combined text. Separate each para with paragraph tags. You can find this button on toolbar, hover mouse on the buttons to see what the button is for. Ex:

<p>This is a sample paragraph and can have any amount of plain text. This can contain <strong>bold</strong>, <em>italic</em>, <u>underline</u> formatted text as well.</p>
<p>A paragraph may contain images and links as well.</p>

And the output is:

This is a sample paragraph and can have any amount of plain text. This can contain bold, italic, underline formatted text as well.

A paragraph may contain images and links as well.

For Programmars

Often programmars insert code blocks to make their articles/tutorials interesting. If you wan to insert a code block you must follow the below instructions.

  • Code blocks must be written in between <pre> and </pre> tags or <code> and </code> tags. The "pre" tag preserves the formatting inside the code like tabs etc that you add.
  • Code block must not contain < and > characters which are used for HTML tags. If you want to insert them, say for demonstrating the HTML code, use escaped html (&lt; and &gt;)
  • Properly comment each code line to make the code more understandable. Without comments, your code block will not draw user as well as editor attention.

To write this article, as you can observe, I did not use any other tags other than those mentioned in this article (except warning, info boxes which you should not use). A well written and formatted article will always draw user attention as well as editor attention. All the best.