Oracle Magazine contains technology strategy articles, sample code, tips, Oracle and partner news, how to articles for developers and DBAs, and more.alt

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and partner news, how to articles for developers and DBAs, and more. Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) is the world's largest enterprise software company.

Publisher: Oracle Corporation

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Title: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 - Implementation and Maintenance Special Edition Practice Exam

altCandidates for this exam are professionals who typically pursue careers as database administrators, database developers or business intelligence developers. Additionally, they can be people who do not work with Microsoft SQL Server as a part of their primary job functions, but who want to show their breadth of technology experience, such as developers, systems administrators, and others. The ExamForce Microsoft SQL Server 2005 - Implementation and Maintenance practice exam provides ExamForce's unique triple testing mode to instantly set a baseline of your knowledge and focus your study where you need it most.alt

CramMaster 70-431 covers the following Microsoft recommended objective categories:

  • Installing and Configuring SQL Server 2005
  • Implementing High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  • Supporting Data Consumers
  • Maintaining Databases
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting SQL Server Performance
  • Creating and Implementing Database Objects

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Title: Injection Moldingalt

altDescription: IMM is the only publication devoted exclusively to the injection molding marketplace, consisting of custom and captive molders, contract manufacturers, OEM companies, part designers, moldmakers, and key members of the supply channel. Readers prefer IMM's editorial content as it provides them with "how-to" advice that contributes to their success.

Publisher: Canon Communications LLC

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Title: Metal Finishingalt

altDescription: Metal Finishing, the technical magazine for the electroplating and coating industries, is the go-to source for the global surface finishing community. From job shops serving a multitude of end-use sectors to dedicated captive operations, tens of thousands of readers already regularly consult Metal Finishing for answers to their finishing questions; up-to-date information on the latest products and technologies; and pertinent industry news and announcements impacting surface finishers.

Publisher: Elsevier Limited

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Title: Egg Industryalt

altPrimary Category: Food & Beverage

Description: Egg Industry reports exclusively on industry issues and news related to egg production, egg processing, and egg marketing. With content directed to corporate executives and management, Egg Industry is the standard that industry professionals turn to for their evolving business needs.

Publisher: WATT

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Title: American Biotechnology Laboratoryalt

altPrimary Category: Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals

Description: Serves as the leading editorial tabloid for the life science research community with over 20 years of successful publications. American Biotechnology Laboratory will help keep you abreast of the latest developments in life science instrumentation and apparatus, bioanalytical chemistry, kits, and biologicals.

Publisher: International Scientific Communications

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Title: Plant Servicesalt

altPrimary Category: Industrial & Manufacturing

Description: Reaches over 35,000 medium to large plants across all U.S. processing and durable goods industries, including utilities and power generation facilities. Plant Services serves the field of plant engineering and maintenance manufacturing as well as process industries and utility and power generation. Audiences include: executives, managers, superintendents, plant engineers, operations, maintenance, plant, facilities and purchasing personnel.

Publisher: Putman Media

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Title: Biophotonics Internationalalt

altPrimary Category: Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals

Description: Delivers a unique global insight into the photonic products and techniques that solve problems for professionals in the field of medicine and biotechnology. Biophotonics International delivers a unique global insight into the photonic products and techniques that solve problems for researchers, product developers, clinical users, physicians and others actively involved in the field of medicine and biotechnology.

Publisher: Laurin Publishing Company

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Title: Control Engineering Asiaalt

altPrimary Category: Industrial & Manufacturing

Description: Covering Control, Instrumentation, and Automation Systems for Southeast Asia. Control Engineering Asia is the primary information source for the control, instrumentation, and automation marketplace in Southeast Asia, encompassing the design, implementation, operation and maintenance of control / instrumentation systems, components, and equipment in the process automation, hybrid and discrete manufacturing industries.

Publisher: Reed Business Information Asia

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Title: E&P (Hart's E&P)alt

altPrimary Category: Utility & Energy

Description: Is the World's Leading Exploration and Production Publication. Full coverage of the E&P business from seismic acquisition to the flowline with the latest data and analysis on exploration & reservoir characterization, well construction, production optimization, marine technology and operations, information technology, and industry news & analysis. Plus Worldwide Exploration Highlights presenting important seismic, drilling and well developments in maps, summaries and surveys.

Publisher: Hart Energy Publishing, LP

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Title: Beverage Worldalt

altPrimary Category: Food & Beverage

Description: Serves beverage marketers, producers and distributors with the news, insight, innovation and analysis they need to better their businesses. New Categories. New Brands. New Products. New Technologies. Beverage World keeps beverage executives informed of developments and trends in their industry. They publish exclusive industry news and in-depth interviews with beverage executives. They track business-critical sales trends and give readers their first look at new products and systems.

Publisher: Ideal Media LLC

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Title: Clinical Laboratory Internationalalt

altPrimary Category: Healthcare

Description: Is the leading clinical lab magazine internationally and is crammed with information of direct relevance to everyone working in clinical and blood bank laboratories. Each issue contains specially commissioned mini-review articles written by eminent scientists or clinicians on hot topics carefully chosen to be of special interest to pathologists, clinical biologists and clinical lab management. The articles go into the principles, diagnostic significance, practice and applications of the latest technological advances.

Publisher: PanGlobal Media

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Title: MissionCritical Communicationsalt

altPrimary Category: Telecom & Wireless

Description: Delivers wireless voice and data solutions for mobile and remote mission-critical operations. To explore innovative applications, integrate wireless data, scan industry news, compare equipment features, choose the right product for your workforce, stay ahead of regulatory issues and technology trends or source a new supplier, turn to MissionCritical Communications. They provide the information you need to improve your organization's operations through the efficient use of wireless communications.

Publisher: Pandata Corp.

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