The bell rings. Raja and Ramu open the door. It is Saleema, the neighbour and her children Rahim and Reena. Saleema is a young lady. Sometimes, when Raja and Ramu go to the shop with mother, they do some shopping for Saleema always get a sweet from her for doing that. 'Hello Raja, Hi Ramu, 'says Saleema. 'I have come to show you a new singing doll which I have bought it recently.

'Your singing doll' the children ask, surprised. Meanwhile Rahim and Reena have joined them. 'Yes,' says Rahim. It will sing any song of our wish. 'It is beautiful, Daddy! shouts Ram. Saleema takes two sweets from her hand bag. 'These are for you. Now we have to go. The children have to play with the new toy. Bye, children.'

Raja and Ramu are waving at Saleema and her children until they reach home. Daddy 'We need the singing doll. Please buy it for us Daddy.' They both asked his father. They both started weeping for it. Daddy said 'I will buy the doll tomorrow. Don't worry for it.' Okay Daddy. 

The next day his Daddy did not get the doll. He returned back home with empty hand. They both were furious with his father. The father replied the doll is not at all available in any shops. I had searched for it a whole day. But nothing happens. 

Rahim and Reena came with the singing doll. 'Shall..we play together?' Reena asks. The children nod their heads. They all are playing in the playroom with the singing doll. 

The second day daddy enters the home with full of happiness. In his hand, a rose singing doll was there. They both were too happy when they saw the singing doll. They used to play with the new doll and they showed it to Rahim and Reena. Raju, Ramu, Rahim and Reena become the best of friends. They never fight again for anything.

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