We know very well that so many events take place in our life. Among them, some give us joy and satisfaction and others become the causes of deep sorrows and regret. Here I am going to discuss about such two opponent deeds I have done. 

Just three months ago our school arranged for an inter-school competition. I was lucky enough for I was selected as a competitor of an inter-school debate contest. At first, a screening was held in our school. The topic was “Is privatization in education right or wrong?” I was thrilled when I saw that I had been selected. My joy knew no bounds, but it was a great task to represent my school with too much responsibility.

I began to prepare well for this competition. I had to prepare all the topics. My school helped me greatly. My family encouraged me always and brought me confidence too. 

The day of the competition dawned. I reached the school ground. My parents as well as teachers were encouraging me. There were a number of contestants waiting with bated breaths. As my turn came, I felt very nervous. But as it was my common topic I was quite confident too. I began to make myself realize that nothing was impossible and I would be able to succeed. Then my name was called out and I slowly rose up on the stage. I started speaking and noticed that all the spectators were silent thoroughly. I realized that they are quite satisfied and charmed. I finished my speech.

Ultimately the competition ended. All the competitors were waiting in eager anticipation. And at last one of the judges announces the results. My name was announced that I stood first in the debate contest. I had been the first prize owner such a word was simply unbelievable to me. For a moment I was just amazed and saw that the well wishers had already come to praise me. It was such a memorable day that it is still alive in my mind. I received a cash prize with certificate. 

One day, on my way to return home from school I suddenly found that an unknown hand was slightly pressing on my right shoulder. I at once turned to him and heard him requesting me to help him to cross the way. The man had a stick in his hand and wore black sunglasses. I could not read his mind and became annoyed. Then I uttered some slang languages. The man felt very sorry and began to move. Just a few minutes later I found that a helpful man was guiding him to cross the road. I then came to understand my fault and within a fraction of time I came up to him to beg his pardon. Such behaviour on my part still torments me bitterly for it had been a cause of deep regret.

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