When I started writing online, I searched many sites that can pay for my good articles but as I am a beginer and don't have much command on grammar and verbal mistakes, most of the sites rejected my articles. I was sad and depressed because writing is my hobby and as like many amature writers, I don't have an editor who can edit my articles.

The sites on which I published my articles pays per visitor, so I have to afford visitors by sharing the articles on social networking sites and texting the link of my articles to my friends and even unknowns. Some times it was very embarrassing for me because some friends and unknowns laugh at me for this shameless plug in.

One day I read about Boddunan, an Indian site that pays per article. Instantly I made an account on it and submitted an article of mine. It got rejected because it has already been published on other site. Than, I tried another time, this time my article was full of data copied from Wikipedia, it got rejected because the stuff was not original. I was sad. Finally I submitted my article which contains my knowledge and experience that I got from my personality development classes. This article got approved by editor and I got credit of 20 Rs. By seeing the credit of 20 Rs, I was too happy, not only because this was my first article that got published on boddunan but also because for the very first time I am not affraid of visitors.

May be I am the most wrong person to talk about this site because only one article of mine got published on this site, but the satisfaction I got after seeing my first article, published made me write these stuff that are in front of your eyes. I can say, by my little experience on this site, that this site is the one on which you can trust. I found Boddunan worthy to publish your original creations. It saves you from wasting your time on advertising your articles on other sites and also gives you the credit that you deserve.



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