We all have joined Boddunan, an aticle writing site. Many of us have joined other article writing sites also. Obviously we all love writing. We all love expressing ourselves.

The fact is that we always express ourselves. When we speak, we express ourselves. So do we do when we write. The question here is, how to express ourselves impressively especially when we write. I am not a great writer. I have written a few articles and stories in my mother tongue, Hindi, and all of them were published in reputed Hindi magazines and newspapers. That's all. Yet here I want to put before you some tips that I have learned as a 'writer.'

First of all, one who wants to be a good writer needs to read quality literature. Remember, reading is essential for writing. The more you read, the better would you write. Try to develop an interest in literature. Try to enjoy the beauty of literature. This you can do only if you develop the ability to 'read between the lines.' What I mean to say is, try to understand what's implicated. Develop in you the habit of looking beyond the words. Reading, like writing, is an art.

Secondly, improve your vocabulary. Know the meanings and usages of as many words, phrases and idioms as you can. It's essential, and equally essential is having an idea as to which word should be used in a particular context. The habit of reading will give you an understanding of where a particular word should be used and how it should be used to leave a particular, desired impression.

Thirdly, use simple words to give vent to your ideas. Always use easy-to-understand words so that your readers may make out what exactly you want to say. You may use phrases and idioms to make your writing attractive.

Fourthly, give examples, if possible, to drive home the point you want to. Better if the examples you give are from our day to day life. Examples add to the impressiveness of your writing.

And last, but not the least, use your imagination. If you are imaginative by nature, you have an invaluable asset. Great writers use their imagination. When they something happening, they have reflections in their minds that are akin to the incident and can explain it in an attractive, vivid and thought evoking style. They translate these reflections into words. This makes their writing picturesque.

I had once read a Hindi story in which the writer sees a vast ground dotted with trees. The writer describing the shades under these trees writes that shades under the trees looked like buffaloes sitting here and there on the ground. Shades of trees are black, so are buffaloes. Doesn't this style of describing shadows of trees make the scene described vivid and impressive ?

In brief, develop the habit of reading great literature and the ability to understand what's not expressed in words, enrich your vocabulary and use simple, easy-to understand words, give examples to explain what you want to convey and be imagibative. That's all you need to be an impressive, good writer.

Follow these tips and start writing.

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