For the next day class test,a small boy in a school posts and shares the important questions to his friends on facebook, other students note down the questions and wrote the test well.This is what happening today.He might not know the merits and demerits of using facebook,but a school going children is using it.Some years back,mobile phones occupied strong position in the minds of youth also in adults.Now,social networking sites such as facebook and twitter etc., becoming very famous among them.Yes,very recently i found a young village boy who shifted from a small village to a city for educational purpose uses facebook to connect with his friends.In addition all smart phones have an application of facebook which makes to connect with friends.And brings facebook in hand.I don't know which is remarkable and what makes the social networking sites famous among the people.But i can promise without these sites,many people cannot survive.Some features of these social sites are  Chatting,photo sharing,making groups etc., with super profile page.


Day by day,social networking sites are developing very fast with huge amount of members comparing to other type of websites.At that moment i thought,If suppose Boddunan change in to a social networking website,what type of consequences and results will it bring? Surely,there might be drastic changes among members.Just imagine,members can add friends,make friendship with other bloggers,chat with them,share their photos and videos with others.At present Boddunan is a knowledge sharing website with a motto of Information creates wealth,if Boddunan change into a sharing website,it will be very useful for all to share the information gathered here without searching the sources of other sites.The interactions between the members through the posts and sharing improves and also increases the information and wealth of Boddunan in a great manner.Already boddunan has many features,so the site has to be added with some add-on.

Also,boddunan will get higher rank in search engines since more traffic can be achieved through social networking. Always,social networking websites has a great remarkable position in the minds of people.So,there is no controversy when boddunan become a social networking site for the welfare human community.But it is up to the knowledge of the administrator.Let us wait and welcome the boddunan site to be social networking site very soon.

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