They say love is a beautiful thing at the heart of all relationships. If we are line everything in life appears to be nice. Our body and mind are responsible for meeting day to day challenges. Love teaches us how to take our relationships to a new high. People want their relationships to last a long time. But usually love is not experienced the way we see in the movies or TV.  The problem is that most people do nothing to renew or strengthen their relationships. Just as the back bone plays an important role in making a person stand, love is an important part in sustaining a relationship. When we meet a person for the first time there are things we like about that person and there are also things that we don't. Sometimes people get attracted to another person in just one meeting. At other times it takes a few meetings for that spark to develop. To make any relationship last, one should always communicate and share thoughts. There should be entertainment in everything you do with that other person whether it be outing or sex. It is seen that relationships start with a bang but fizzle out throughout the years. This is because a lot of expectation is placed on the other partner. When the expectations stop meeting requirements, disappointment sets in. Let us dicuss a few steps by which you can sustain your relationship.

Maintain positive thinking

Love is essential in all relationships, it is beautiful like a flower yet delicate as a feather. The fragarance of love transforms our life and thoughts. Start the relationship with love and postive thinking. These two things make the back bone of any relationship. It is seen that we generally do not give into a relationship till we start trusting that person. To enhance your relationship, learn to trust the other person and be positive about the outcome of the relationship.


Trust is an essential part of any relationship. Trust your partner 100% and tell him or her about this. Examine your relationship and be cautious when you see signs that the trust is beginning to fade from your end or your partner's end. Do not store arguments in mind or memories of occasions  where there has been a lack of trust. Dwelling on these will undermine your relationship with time.

Learn to overcome obstacles

Be ready to come across unwanted cirumstances in the relationship. It happens. In difficult times also concentrate on the love in the relationship. Always think about your partner in an unselfish manner and ask yourself what you can do for him or her.  Enjoy your love filled relationship and don't forget to thank your partner from time to time for making your life so good.

Surprises are necessary

Keep giving each other surprises from time to time. If married make a surprise dinner of your husband's choice. Take your wife for a surprise trip from time to time. You can also give gifts as a surprise. Small things like surprises strengthen your relationship.

Take care of feelings

Relationships geet deeper with time. Learning to understand what is on your partner's mind without asking him or her is also an art. You and your partner should have the ability to understand each other and to compromise wherever necessary. Once you and your partner develop the ability to do this more and more your relationship will blossom.

Seperation increases love

It is necessary to seperate from each other on occassions as this will increase the love. If you love your partner, it is not necessary nor desireable to express it all the time. Real love can already be felt by your partner. All relationships need space every now and then which will help it blossom.

Don't mind small mistakes

Don't hold on to each other's mistakes. Hanging on to your partner's mistakes can create grudges which can even break the relationship. Try not to mind small mistakes of your partner nor to be sarcastic about the past mistakes of your partner. If you follow the above steps your love will never die.

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  1. M.Thamarai Selvi

Love conquers everything.
L for Liberty
O for Optimism
V for Victory
E for Elegant.
Yes, this is love and these are the symptoms of true love.

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