A new bride takes time to adjust with her in laws. There are new relationships in the new house. Each relationship is different and the new bride has to handle all the new relationships. How should the new bride deal with her in laws? This is a question every married woman asks. A bride has to deal with her father in law, mother in law, sister in law, brother in law etc. Let us see how a married woman should deal with her in laws.

The starting of married life

The newly married life for a married woman is exciting as well as full of suspense for her. She has to maintain many relationships. Marriage is not only the union between a man and woman, it is a union between two families. A married woman should respect all her in laws. She is expected to live upto the expectations the in laws place on her. But often this is not an easy thing to do.

There are many expectations on married women

Women have some freedom before marriage but not after. After marriage she has to live up-to a number of expectations. She has to take care of the mother in law and father in law, be good at cooking, take care of the kids, respect the elders, manage the finances etc.

How to deal with in laws

A woman is not just a wife after marriage. she plays the role of a mother, daughter in law, sister in law etc also after marriage. Let us examine how a woman can effectively deal with her in laws.

  • The mother in law is equivalent to one's own mother. Many married women in India are taught this. Today many mother in laws want a modern daughter in laws. They are expected to be modern, educated and cultured. However there are also many mother in laws who never stay satisfied with their daughter in laws. They keep criticizing their daughter in laws over petty things.  If a woman is able to win her mother in law, she has won half the battle already! To win the mother in law you have to win her trust. To win her trust you have to show your responsibility towards the home. Once you are able to prove your responsibility and love towards the members and the new home, you will ring bells in your mother in law's mind.
  • The next main person a married woman has to deal with is her father in law. Often the father in law is the head of the family and he takes all the decisions of the family. Look after your father in law just like your own father.  Today women are more open with their father in law than they were before. Talk patiently with him, keep your ears open to his problems, listen carefully to what he says and never complain about your other in laws in front of him. Remember his b'day and gift him time to time.
  • The next main person to deal with is often the sister in law. The sister in law is often given a lot of love and support by the family members as they know that she will be married to a different home in a few years. Be careful in dealing with your sister in law whether she is married or unmarried, as your mother in law and father in law will listen to all her complains about you. Take care of the wishes of your sister in law. Talk to her as you would to your friend. Hang out with her often and she will often have a lot of things to tell you about the family.
  • The next person a married woman deals with is the brother in law. The relation is a delicate one. Many brother in laws tend to be  helpful and protective. Many married women tend to flirt with their brother in laws, but be careful not to overdo it, especially in front of your other in laws.
  • Last but not the least lets talk about how to deal with your husband! Often your husband will be sandwiched between his mother and yourself. Both try to pull him in the opposite directions. The husband has to adjust with his wife and also his mom. Most husbands are victimized in fights between their mothers and wives. To keep your husband happy, as far as possible try to keep his mother happy. If she passes sarcastic remarks to you just ignore her instead of shouting back. Tell your husband about it later, but don't complain too much.


So, handling so many new relations for a newly married women is often not an easy task. But nothing is impossible and a determined woman will be able to deal with them. Look at all the relations like pearls.  If you follow the above steps the relationships with your in laws will improve with time keeping you and your husband happy.

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