I am writing this article to specially thanks boddunan as boddunan is the first site where i started writing articles and got better and better. I always thought that I am not a good article writer and i do not know how to write an article But boddunan made me change my thinking. I got to know about boddunan from some site and i was first not knowing how to earn from boddunan website.

I had never wrote any article on any website before as i always tried to earn online by making referrals.when i join boddunan i tried the same. I made some fast referrals and earned good money but as boddunan changed the referral system my earnings decrease and I felt bad as other people kept earning on boddunan through their article writing.When i had join boddunan i didn't knew much about earning by writing articles but as i saw many other Indian people are writing many articles about their experience and various topics I started thinking why can't i write articles as other Indians can.

As i started to think about starting to write articles I started going through the various articles written here and started reading them carefully and commenting them .  I learnt a lot about article writing just by reading articles and reading comments where people wrote about what things they find good in the article and what are the mistakes in the article. One may think that commenting on articles are of no use as i used to think the same But my thinking changed as I started to understand mistakes that can be made while writing articles through such comments.

After some days of commenting on articles i also started reading newspapers and magazines to increase my knowledge and I specially loved reading health and money related articles. I remember that when i started writing my articles here i used to think a lot whether I will make many mistakes in my articles and whether my article will get approved . I also remember that I used to worry whether i would get bad comments on my articles but the people on boddunan were So good that they always made me realise my mistakes made in articles and improve myself.

In the start I used to get bored just by writing one or two articles but as I kept learning and writing my knowledge in article writing kept on increasing and my typing speed too. Now i can say that I may not be a professional article writer but a writer who can write some good articles daily if i have time. After boddunan started contest like caption writing, group discussion my focus on article writing increased more as i started to understand that article writing may be very much more beneficial in future.

At last I would like to motivate all the people here and specially the newbies who may struggle to write good articles. My message for newbies here will be that "Start your journey of article writing on boddunan and this journey would never end " as article writing may start giving you some good earning in future as you will keep improving.

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