Getting comments are an important part of your blogging world. Comments suggest there are people who are not only reading your posts – and invariably spending time on your blog – but also having something to say about the same. This is a great way of reaching out to your audience.

But not every blog post will give you comments. There are some specific blog posts that people are more interested in than others. Here is a look at five blogging ideas that will certainly help in getting you more comments. Just keep in mind that, this is just an estimate, though.

Breaking news

Breaking news are the most widely read blog post types. People are very curious to know what is happening around them and what developments are in the news. There is breaking news that can be fetched from all walks of life. Therefore, such topics have literally no end. You can write on such topics and get more traffic in a short period of time. And more traffic means more chances of comments.

But remember, time is very important here. Breaking news has to be delivered quick and fast otherwise, there will be someone else who will do the same before you.

Hot and trending topics

Writing on hot and trending topics is another option to choose from. Many bloggers may not be comfortable with writing on breaking news as it requires a journalistic point of view. Handling hot and trending topics can be comparatively easier.

The reason is that there are loads of ways by which you can find trending topics. When there is a hot topic that you can write on, just latch on to it, write a blog post of at least 250 words and publish it. Hot topics will also bring in more traffic as well. And yes, do not forget to make your posts viral through social networking sites to boost traffic as well as comments.

Contest blog posts

Who does not love contents? And most contests always offer something to win. There is always an opportunity to win something from contests. Having contest blog posts is a certain way of increasing comments. This also means that people do comment to have an entry into the contest that you are running.

But keep in mind that, such blog posts always do not count towards constant traffic. The excitement and curiosity is there as long as the contest is running. Once it is over, there are very few people who would turn up once again. However, in between all this, you have definitely got some loyal visitors who would come back to visit your web site.

Humorous blog posts

It is a natural tendency to comment on something that one totally likes or totally dislikes. Both types of blog posts can bring in comments. Jokes and humorous incidents are liked and loved by one and all. It is not that difficult in expressing our views about such blog posts.

If you share your blog posts well enough, they will be able to attract even more comments. If you allow your readers to subscribe to your posts, they will certainly take time to comment on your blog.

Controversial blog posts

People can resort to getting controversial just for the sake of getting a few hits in a small amount of time and thereby getting comments. Controversial blog posts always attract people as they have got to something about the stuff published in the posts. Speaking out their opinions is the first thing they want to do – be it right or wrong.

Such blog posts are like a place of debate where almost everyone has got to have his own say. But be careful not to overdo anything. It should not do any harm to your reputation. Being controversial is also an art and one has to do a tightrope walk to have a controversial yet constructive blog posts.

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