What are books?...And which books am I referring to?...Its not those academic ones which we are accustomed and burdened with, but those which relax our mind, and refines our heart with a sense of elevation and happiness.

"Yes, I am talking about novels(Fiction and Non-Fiction), inspirational books, specifically chosen articles and short stories"

Books are a source of inspiration & enlightenment, with a language and presentation that appeals to the reader's eye, reviving his energy and lost confidence, and enriching the person parallel, of the world at the outset in a narrating way. The author, with his unparalleled excellence in his own right, imprints his indelible mark of presentation and impacts the reader in a delightful manner, thereby ensuring that he catches the attention of the reader, as well as presenting a spectrum of different hues of life in an attractive manner. 

Reading books - A past time activity ?

Reading books does not just pass away as a past time activity, but in the process of passing time, it showers upon us, a light of life, improves our imagination capacity, parts us with some valuable suggestions and insights of human nature, besides provoking new outlook and embedding vocabulary in our kit.

Most of us are unaware as to how we people develop our conversational skills and style, and books, in this regard play a pivotal role in bringing the desired acclivity on the ladder of communication, life's meaning, imagination, emotional quotient and other fields of living. These points mentioned are on the basis of my own life's passage.

Books are a wonderful past time, and the more frequently we get glued to this habit, the more we shall begin to grow, in terms of knowing life, writing methodology and expressional ability.

Most of them move on in the same line of living, after reading a book or two, often ignoring the essence and pragmatic points instituted in the book. But a "constant attachment" to these books, will dawn upon a realization slowly, points seep into our life, and we begin to know and understand the beauty of living in the nature, with the people of diverse backgrounds, and we shall be able to enthrall ourselves of the distinctive characteristics of each individual.

Books are rare jewels, whose presence is a must in every household. It confronts the life of a person, or a group of people to the reader, and captivates the attributes of every different kind of individual, and his way of looking at the things around him. These small insights of humans, are a wonderful source of information we are endowed, through the medium of books - the points which shall forthwith enable the reader with a clear eye, as to the way of moving with each individual. The words inscribed in this paragraph are not leaned over, but the essence in this section can be of enormous use, if the power of imagination is applied and deeper introspection is made of each word. In simple parlance, read this para with a feel, and visualize each sentence and understand the magnitude of difference it can make in your life. 

Why do we need to read books at reasonable intervals?

Reading books should be done at regular intervals, in fact a special time must be allocated for this past time, so that the time spent in the stipulated period is fruitful and enterprising. If allocating time is not possible, then a point should be made, that whenever we are about to read anything of our interest, let that time be un-interrupted, and let these seconds be slipping into a whole new world of virtuality.

Coming to the significance of reading books at reasonable/frequent intervals, this habituation for an individual makes him more relaxed in life, and always equips the person with additional points of wisdom and knowledge.

Reading books does not always mean, to get tuned to reading different books. It can also mean to read the same books, provided we have not lost the fun of reading it again. This point specially applies to that of reading inspirational books. Short stories come next.

Reading is a constant process of improving one's self on various grounds. Improvement in one's self is that easy. This is an open secret!!! 

Short collection

Books are a valuable resource, and it's selection should be done with meticulous care. Though many get this done with haphazard linkages, like purchasing through friend's advice, attractive outlook, or low cost. 

Whenever a book is acquired, looks must be on the author's achievements as a professional and his experience and the book name, the more the experience, the more befitting would be it's presence in your life.

A short collection of various fields is a excellent option. Try to make a note of the interests you have, and then select books of inspiration, short stories, novels. Always have atleast one book, of each section of sub division in books.

This shall open up your thoughts to higher spirits of living, get your vision encompassed to all dimensions of life, by whatever name you call, you begin to aim higher, and walk into life with a new sense of dynamism and vigour. 

Selection of short collection

Remember that when you choose your books, of your own interest, and your own liking author's, always reach up to those books of higher standard, though you may not be reading it completely, this assists you in climbing the ladder of life smoothly, as slowly you need to slip into this standard and raise the bars.

Knowing books of high standard is not an issue, with the internet adage at the doorstep or within the walkable distance. If you are not equipped with these facilites, then people's opinion those who read books regularly, and opinion of elders is best sought.

By making a short collection on various fortresses of interests, you are beginning to make your life colorful, and indirectly making your environment more enchanting by your new outlook. 

So what are you waiting for!!! Begin the change. And get more with every word you eye on. And time for you to analyse how you fared better in communication than others...You will most probably discover this point of reading which turned things around!!!

Ooze with confidence, through inspirational books, and pass on the message of this powerful tool available at the disposal of every commoner.

My hearty wishes of new year friends. Let this new year spark a new rise in human evolvement, through the experience of renowned authors.

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