I personally feel love marriage is better than arranged marriage in the sense that it gives you a sense of comfort that you are with a guy about whom you at least know. and its not just knowing ,but you are with a guy whom you love, like and have decided to stay with.

In a "love marriage", you choose your mate. You decide who he is, what he's like, and you are usually friends before you even get married. You know you have things in common, similar interests, goals and desires which makes one feel much comfortable.

A girl who has spent soo many years growing with her parents, siblings, in a different atmosphere altogether has to go to some other place and adapt herself accordingly. So if she knows the person before and whom she is going to spend her whole life, it makes her easier to a bit and compromises with the situation and become accustomed to the surrounding.

And also in love marriage, two people fall in love without any judgment. So they accept the person as it is. And love changes a person and hence there will be less chances of breaking up. But I dint mean that arranged marriages doesn’t work ,arranged marriages can work and can grow into love, but not always.

In the Indian context a love marriage is almost like a disgrace to the family and the boy or the girl live like outcastes. However modern Indian families do approve of their children's love marriage as times have chang.

Mainly the success of the marriage doesnt depend on whether its love marriage or arranged marriage both of them have their own advantages and drawbacks. The basic ingredients of successful marriage, Trust, Commitment compromise and understanding. So whether its love or arrange, these are the basic, but if u know the person well enough then situations becomes more easy.

In the last I can only say, I prefer Love marriage on arrange marriage but with the consent of my parents and elders.

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