Boddunan is a website or rather i would say that it is a place where any individual can write about any topic, what they feel, express their views on current affairs going on around the globe. At Boddunan, every one is free to express him/her views.

At Boddunan, you get to write an article , submit it, create polls , invite friends make your friends join so that they also get a chance to improve themselves because no one is perfect in this world. According to me, everyone needs some or the other improvement in himself, that might be in any scenario like writing skills, cooking skills, communication skills . Users or customers get attracted towards Boddunan because of its services provided. It also allow us to create polls on any topic, get any topic from any corner of the world and you  got the poll for it. Graphical User Interface (GUI) of Boddunan is very simple and very attractive. Main attraction for its users is nothing but you get paid upto 100 bucks for your writing. You write article on any topic and submit. After review is done on your article, depending upon your article quality, its effectiveness, you get paid. This might be the main attraction for users to join Boddunan. Also it gives referral cash credits. You make someone join below you, for his/her activities, you get some percent of credit as well.


There are also provision of forums where you can post any of your topic for discussion and get comments or solutions on the same from different users. Articles might fall into different categories like programming or current affairs and like wise. So, articles that its users submit are categorized in such a way that any user can reach to any article by reading the  title of category. For example, if  a user wants article related to java code or any technical related article , then he can just simply jump into category "Programming" and look for an article.


After submission of any article, that article is first gone through the review procedure where editors review your article and after approval from editors, your article gets published on Boddunan. People can read articles and post comment, if they wish to. If any comment is posted on your article, you get an email reminder indicating that this user has posted a comment on your article and the comment is "......".

Navigation between various parts or functions of Boddunan is very fast. One new feature is also added and that of Chat. Now, its users can also chat on Boddunan and discuss their queries or do a general chat. All in all, an awesome site and if you got to improve your writing skills, then you must join Boddunan !!


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  1. Peeush Trikha

A good overview of Boddunan. I have just started on this site, being active on sites like Wikinut, Bubblews, Mypage5.com earlier. I expect to make my mark here and connect with other people.

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