i think you are having fun
laughing at me,
mocking at my condition....
fixing my life in a trifle,
jeopardising my every move...
making me pay hard,
for mistakes i never commited...
i think you are having fun,
taking away my share of happyness
just wen it came in my bare hands,
leavin me in waryness so dark...
i think you find it funny,
to see me toil hard..
to see my dreams,
ripped in pieces apart...
but i am not scared,
of the miseries you impart...
i will laugh back at you in return,
asking is this the best you've got...
no matter how hard you will try,
my heart is never gonna say die...
my limits of perseverance,
extend farther than boundaries of sky...
you can burn my soul,
testing it in your fury of lashes,
but the phoneix inside me,
will always rise from its ashes...

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