Dear friends as we all know there are thousands sites offering on line job. some of them are real and some of them are fake. But before you reach at minimum pay ot and get cheated by the site you will never get to know that they are fake or legit. But Google adsense in world's Best legitmate earning programme. Here you do not have to sell anything not also need to refer any people join under your referral link. Here you make money for you hard work. People are having adsense account who are not able to earn Money from adsense due to low quality web site or there writing quality and some people are there who are earnings Million dollars every month from adsense. SO the more we work ahrd and more we work smart we can make money from adsense. But before we earn money from adsense we have to set up an adsense account. But now days In India its very tough to get approval from adsense because they ahve made some strict rules and terms of having a web site six moth old. But now days 1 site is offering a quick adsense approval process. just read below- step-1 go to step-2 create your profile and complete your profile. step-3 Upload your profile image and then upload 10 any photos ( it is better if you upload your own picture) step-4 write 2 blogs with good resources ( do not copy from any where). last step- apply for adsense account. with in 48 hours you will be getting approved from adsense and then start writing articles in diferent adsense revenue sharing

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