Dear friends, now days as users has increased on Internet ,so many sites are providing On Line earning option for there members.


So They want to show some proof that they have paid a huge money to there existing member and they will pay a lot of money to there new member for who work for them.


I have worked for some sites who shows me that they have certified some agencies who gave certification only these sites who really pay, I worked around 1 year and when I reached at there minimum py out they did not even reply my mail.


So then only I able to know that that site was fake because when I joined they had shown me thet they had paid some money to there member through paypal.


Now The best Earning site is Google Adsense and this is the ebst site to Make some money from Internet.


so There are some site who are offering some tricks or some soft ware which can help you to boost your adsense Earning.


they show some Image proof also that people who have bought there programm has Earned a lot.


Now I am showing a site who can show you how they are cheating us.


Click on this link below.


now what ever proof you ant from adsense can make and make some people fool and sell your software product



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