Dear friends as all of you Know Adsense is the most reliable source To earn Some Pocket money from Internet.

Google Adsense has now more popular because daily there are lakhs of people joining on on line money making sites and most of search ends at Google adsense.

Because this is the only source through which all member who ever join adsense can make money, some people are there who making $1million everyday from there web site .

So by seeing all these all people will want to make money.

But it is not so easy to get adsense account and also not so easy to earn from adsense.

Because Google adsense shows there high paying ads in low rank sites and the site where the best contents and articles are available.

So getting traffic to our own web site or blog is very very difficult, if you do not update your blog/site everyday then its very difficult to get traffic to the site if there is no traffic then there is no earning from adsense if you have put good contents like information, entertainment or the things which is mostly search on net then definitely you can make money from adsense starting from Rs41 to Rs 41 million everyday, This is totally depend upon quality of content on the web site.

SO its very very important to get traffic to the site.

If you do not have good traffic now days there are so many alternatives through which you can make unlimited money from your adsense accounts.

There are thousands adsnese revenue sharing sites, join most of them who gives you 100% adsense revenue or join that site which is having very less rank i some ranking sites so that you will be getting most high paying ads o your profile page which will help you to make more money rather than searching for datas on Internet.


you can join adsense revenue sharing sites like some forum, some video uploading files, some image uploading sites but try to do all these with new and original file so that you can get good traffic because the sharing sites are already popular and easily recognised by search engines.

Happy miniting from adsense









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