Now Days there are so many sites offering some special type of services, some special tips to increase the Earning in your adsense  revenue.

you will not able to know what method they will use but they will say you to buy some of there products from them either they will sell you some software's or they will try to sell you some tips or skills by which you can Earn more revenue from your adsense.

Before they sell you they will show you some proofs of adsense Earning such as 4100 per day, 4100 per day and that will definitely attract you not only that much you will find some testimonial written by some people also who have bought there products and they have Earned huge money from adsense after using there products and that will force you to buy the product because every one want to earn Extra money yb putting little effort but its not so easy.

I am showing an adsense proof which is showing that My todays Earning is $28 and yesterday's earning is $24 that means I am earning monthly around $750 which is equal to Rs37000 and they will charge only there product Rs1000 or Rs2000.

This amount will feel you negligible infront of the proves you see.

This is the proof I am attaching my today's earning.



I made this image from

So never believe on this type of selling just work hard and try to write good articles in Boddunan and some other adsense revenue sharing sites and earn money from adsense

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