If you surf the web regularly, or have your own website, you may well be aware of Google Ad Sense

For those of you who are not familiar with it, the concept of Google Ad Sense is straightforward.

It is a context-based advertising scheme for websites. What this means is that, when you display Google Ad Sense code on your WebPages, you receive targeted adverts relevant to your site audience.

This has two powerful advantages over standard banner adverts. The first is that the adverts are more likely to be relevant to you and your site and hence won't look out of place. The second is that they can be useful to your site visitors as they will offer useful, related content - and of course this means that you too benefit, as you both help the visitor find content relevant to them and earn from it at the same time.

For every click on one of your Ad Sense adverts, you receive a sum of money, which varies depending on the advert that has been clicked on your site. Therefore Ad Sense is a great way of offering relevant adverts to your visitors and earning some money from your website at the same time.


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