Google one of the top most search engines is giving importance to its quality. The first step towards it was that the company is now a public property. To make the share holders happy the company is giving importance to the returned outcomes.

As a result of this while dealing with Google accounts and adsense any forms of advertisements whether knowingly or unknowingly will result in the banning of adsense account. So this is for those who are looking for a career in the adsense. Consider some information’s while you are getting involved with Google adsense.

Hidden texts- use of links with the same color of the background or using texts with smallest possible size will cause you a penalty and the links of this type will be considered as hidden links.

Page cloaking- This is the practice of forcing the user to click on certain links if the user doesn’t want to click on that link. It is done by using browser and bot snuffers.

Multiple submission- Use of multiple copies of the url and pages is called multiple submission. This will create difficulty for you and will result in the ban of your account. To avoid this better check your domain has submitted earlier at a particular search engine.

Link farms- Be careful for what you are linking the adsense to. Search engines can easily find link farming by checking the availability of a link in the same page. If a link is found more than 100 it is considered to be link farming.

Page rank for sale- There are some sites selling their PR by buying ad links. If you give your link and getting page ranking for that, then it will result in the ban of your adsense in the future.

Doorway- It is similar to page cloaking. The method of redirecting users to other pages by giving keywords without suitable links will come under this category.

Multiple domains- multiple domains having the same content and same links will result in penalty of the account.
These above facts are to be considered while dealing with search engines like Google. So please keep in mind that you are building sites for humans and not for bots.

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