There are many ways to earn online from your blog. Lets write me the different ways that can help you to monetizing your blog.

Following are the top ways to monetize your blog.

1.Google adsense :- If you are looking to monetize your blog then Google Adsense is the great way. This is the easiest way to monetize your blog. It automatically scan your blog and put the related ad on your blog. Its free and pays you on the based number of click on ads.

2.Affiliate Programs:- Affiliate marketing is the another best way to monetixe your blog. This is a commission based program. All you have to do that find the product that is related to your blog and promote this. Whenever you make a sale you will get a commission. There are many website where you can apply for this but clickbank is the best.

3.Sell your own product:- A blog is great place to discuss and share about your product. You can sell your own product from your blog. But you should have merchant service for this.

4.Sell advertisement space:- You can make a advertisement space on your blog ( like 125 x 125 )and you can sell this space through many websites like buysellads etc. You can sell your advertisement space according your blog ( $5, $10, $20..per/month)

5.Monetizing your RSS feed:- This is a great opinion. Whenever a visitor of your blog subscribe to your blog he will be sent an e-mail about your new post. And he will reach to your RSS feed. You can monetize your RSS using google adsense.

6.Sponsored Review:- This is a great opportunity for blogger. This is also very simple. You write a review for product in your blog and earn a handsome pocket money. There are many review network online like and pay per etc.

7.Sell E-books:- You can also sell e-books on your blog. You can sell your own written or others.

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