Dear Friends we all are here to amke money.
Not all of us but maximum members are here to earn some Extra money.
SO there are some good way to Earn some money instead of searching and trusting blindly on any site.
Google adsense is a programme where google shows there ads on your web site/blog or where you have wrote any article( but it should have permited from adsense revenue sharing programme)
Then you write something and gogole will start showing ads there which will benifited to you.
SO frinds adsense is the ebst way to earn some extra money from Internet.
To get approved from adsense revenue sharing programme it needs atleat 1,00,000 page impression everyday for which we need more than 1000 active members and around 5000 members.
so friends lets work together and work hard for now so that we can earn in future.
As I have already posted my payment proof from adsense

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