Now days people are more aquinted with Internet due to this is teh fastest way for communication and Entertainment.

So number of companies are showing there advertisements on Internet and for that reason 1000 types of online jobs are available on Internet for the people who are using Internet so that they can Earn some Extra money.

Either they can do it part time apart from there regular job and also some people do it as there full time job because they earn sufficient amount of money from here.

I am also working online since last 2 year.

I have seen so many fake sites and so many legit sites.

My experience says that f we have to Earn money from these on line sites there is only two way-

1) wait for a long period to reach at minimum pay out because the site has decided a minimum payout which is not so easy to ac hive ( only for legit site). but they will definitely pay when we reach at minimum pay out.

2) Refer some good active members under you so that they will join under you under your referral link to that site and they will work for those sites and you earn some extra bugs for there work.

Here also we make two types of money.

i)One time referral Income ( some site give some cents or dollar to join there sites for one time)

ii)Share from there Earning( some sites are there who pays life long some percentage of the referral earning).


So friends if you want to earn good money from Internet then learn the skill to refer your friends and other people to join that site but refer them only after you receive your payment so that they will not get cheated by any on line company

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