As we all know Google AdSense is the best way to earn money on line.

in our blog and web site if we get approved from adsense as publisher google shows the ads as per the content of the site or blog.

SO when some  one visit our site/ blog then we Earn money by getting page impressions or by getting clicked on the ads.

So now the question is why some one will waste time on clicking on our ads because  as per the adsense terms we can not request any one to click on our own ads.

so when some one read some article on Internet then they will find some relevant ads on that page and then only they will click on these ads which gives some earning to the article writer or the web site owner.

but also google gives higher price for high value ads if the content is so good and is more searchcble by inter net users.

I have earned $2 from a single click and also some time I earned just 1 cent from 2 click.

SO from that i experience how important use of proper key word at proper place.

so when ever you write any article or resources just follow this site.

it will suggest some commonly used key words which will drag some visitors to your site from that key words.

when ever you write article try to use that key words 3-4 times in your articles so that you get visitors to your site and visitors will click on your ads and you will be earning good money from showing ads on your site.



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