Now days as users are increasing in Internet.

All people have chosen Internet for their business.

by showing advertisements.

but why someone will show interest to watch these advertises, that's why they are providing some jobs to them that for

watching the advertisements they are paying  some bucks to their members.

so now days thousands sites are providing this service to their members

some socialsites are paying money to there members to socialized at there sites, some sites are there paying

members to upload photos in there sites, some more sites who are paying there members to upload videos and

earn money,

some sites providing Earn money for writing articles,

some sites arpvidng Earn money for reading mails

some sites providing Earn money for watching ads

some sites providng to click on ads

some sites are sending messages to mobiles and paying for that

and many more other services are offered by different sites for which they are paying there members who successfully completed there job.

But the main problem is how many members are really earning money from here.

as per the survey only .01% are Earning money from Internet because The Minimum pay out is set by some site

is too high and to reach at that point the member has to wait six-eight month and in between that they loose there

patience and left the site and that Earn stays with the site owner.

so You stay actively with the site for a long time or else refer some active members who will work for you and you will easily reach at minimum pay out.


is a site who has set a very  easy minimum payout which can be achieved in 1 day also.

so stay active at boddunan and Earn money for submitting articles, Earn money for submitting web links,

Earn money for referring friends

Earn money for Participating in contests


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