There is no doubt that Adsense is the fastest and easiest way to make money from your web site or blogs. But some simple mistakes either knowingly or unknowingly can cost you a lot. Google is very strict regarding their program policies. If at any time they find any violation of terms and conditions than you will be banned instantly. Remember that. Once a publisher is banned means he is banned for life!

Generally, people get banned from Adsense because they attempt deceptive means to get more clicks. So, here I am explaining all those mistakes that you should avoid.

1) Multiple accounts –
Adsense allows only one account with a particular address and a person name. So never try to register multiple accounts with your name, you will simply get banned.

2) Modifying the code –
The JavaScript code that you use for displaying Ads, Links or Search Results must be same as provided by Google.

3) Modifying Google queries -
If you are displaying Google search box on your web page, than don’t edit or filter the queries generated from the Search Box. And search queries must originate from individual users inputting data into a Search Box.

4) Promoting AdSense Referrals - To use the Google AdSense Referrals feature, you have to implement Referral Buttons on your web page. But never promote that referral event by any other means.

5) Displaying ads on pages that have look alike ads –
Any other advertisement/content on the web page should not be same as Google advertisement. It’s because the end user may get confuse with Google ads.

6) Disclosing Google Confidential Information – You should not disclose the click-through rates and other statistics that you get from Adsense report. But you can disclose your total payment amount.

7) Clicking on your own ads –
This is one of the Prime reasons behind account termination. Google always monitors IP address of the end user, so never try this trick.

8) Fraudulent means to generate more clicks – Asking friends to click on your ads, joining click exchange sites, giving incentives to click on ads, using robots or other automated query tools or unauthorized use of search engine optimization services will only result in termination of your Adsense account.

9) Modifying the Ads – You should not edit, truncate or change the order of information contained inside any Ad.

10) Modifying the display page – The web page accessed by the user after clicking on an Ad should be displayed in full and complete manner.

11) Displaying Ads on Illegal site – The website on which you are displaying Google Ads that should not contain any pornographic, hate-related, violent, or illegal content.

12) Using Ads on other than your website –
You should only activate Ads, Links on your own web site or blogs.

13) Redirecting user away from advertiser page – The end user must access the same page going through Ads from your site, as he could have access by going directly to the Advertiser Page. So, don’t intersperse any content between the Ad and the Advertiser Page

14) Not having sufficient valid clicks – If your web site fails to generate sufficient number of valid clicks on Google Ads for two months, than Google can terminate your account without any notice.

15) Devaluating Google’s reputation –
You should not post any article in your website or in other forums that devalues Google’s reputation. This is a breach of the terms and conditions.

Try not to commit any such mistakes and enjoy your Earnings from the Adsense!! In the next article I am going to publish how to activate Adsense account very easily…

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