Hello friends, now days people are using Internet to chat with friends but I think this is the best platform to make some money also.

I have seen some of my friends watching videos of fun, Porn movies, and wasting there time (4-5 hr) every day and also for that they have to pay the Internet fees, but they never think that instead of wasting time to watch porn movies or chatting with friends they can make some pocket money from Internet.

The thing is that less of awareness to start anything in Internet to make money.

When I suggest one of my friend to join boddunan, she asked me whether I will be really paid or not I did not force her to join this side because I am also new here and have not earned a single money from this site because I have not reached at minimum payout, but after getting my first cheque I will try to join some of my friends not to get referral income or points but they will make some money and we all can have fun together.

so I would like to suggest all my boddunan friends and the reader of the this article please do not waste your time for orkuting,lets work together and make this site at a great level and then we can make good money from this site.

so friends lets work together and make some mney and improve our life style

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