Some time ago I received a warning from Adsense that one of my sites did not meet the guidelines and that the ads would be blocked. That it happened, I still disagree but I can now have a nice example of it.

A month earlier I had 8 of the domain and the corresponding site bought by TBforum, which have a nice supply and demand for a regular section where you can buy anything worth next to nothing. In this case, it took me 75 euros for geldverdienenmetinternet (domain)

Website stats rankte terms anywhere in the search engines but did have 20 to 30 direct visitors from referrers. Eventually it was me not only to the site but the domain name, which was already several years old and still nearly the same site (great history). Despite being a relatively long domain name is there are many fantastic and the generic words in combination is a very high volume. CPCs that words are very low, on average, just 15 cents but the high volume, I was bread.
What happened then with the site

The existing site was worthless, so I spent about one hours to a new template and follow two pages. Unfortunately I was still an existing advertiser fixed (the site later took the head) so they had to stand anyway. The other was a page specifically for Adsense. That is the domain and put all the old pages to the index returned directly to some of the existing link popularity to retain.

Meanwhile, the site still not scored in search engines but have already yielded approximately 1 to $ 2 per day with Adsense. No high score so I had to get that sorted out, the second step is of course more to view. Luckily I have a fairly extensive network of sites, links, I can usually arrange themselves. Aagezien the hyper-competitive industry may not have you do not need much. In my case I had 3 links from homepages with good anchor text and link popularity (MSN) and a piece or 5 relevant sub-pages (Google). That was enough.

MSN was settled quickly, within 2 weeks I had a dozen top 5 positions on keywords like make money online, earn money internet, making money adsense, etc. The result was that I was in traffic for about 60 visitors per day went. Google followed much later, after about 2 months I was there only top 10 positions but this Sat I have about 200 visitors per day. Adsense was around 10 to $ 15 per day.
Total cost of the site

All in all, I paid 75 euros for the domain and about 50 euros for the hosting. I also of course some time inserted. Let's say a total of 2 hours searching, 1 hours before the takeover, 1 hours to the site and 2 hours for the links. The hours Adsense F5'en I count them for the convenience or not ;-)

If an hourly rate of 40 euros you get uses to total 365 million.
Total revenue from the site

The first two months and had not occurred to me + / - $ 2 per day, totaling $ 120. The 4 months after it went better with + / - $ 12 per day, total 1440 euros. All in all, a good $ 1500. That means thick 700 million pure profit you nothing having to do (and this is just one site).
Und jetzt ...

Unfortunately I lost my Adsense So, once and for blocking a site means that you are never more Adsense opkrijgt. Since I do almost nothing with affiliates was the domain is worthless to me and I dumped him. Funny was that the domain no again 3 days later by another registered. Even funnier is that he has to Adsense codes and are probably now wondering why that is not displayed:-P

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