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Google Adsense is an advertisement application which displays Google ads on your blog or site. The ads which appears on you blog or site is completely related to the subject matter on your site/blog. This programme is absolutely free to apply however getting an approval from Google is not an easy task. Once you blog/site is 6 month old you can apply for Google Adsense by following all the Google programme policies and eligibility criteria, it is very important to follow the instruction thoroughly, any miss on one of the parameter will lead to disapproval from Google. Google pays you for every click on the ad which appears on your blog/site, payment depends upon the ads which on the page. The click on the ads should be valid; if you click on your own ads Google might disapprove your application.

If you are interested to display Google ads on your blog/site and earn money, first fill out online application form to apply for Adsense, Google will review your application and reply you within 2-3 days. If approved you can past the Google ad code in you blog/site by following the instructions carefully. If disapproved you will be given the complete reason why your application was not accepted so that you can resubmit by making necessary corrections. Google Adsense is the best and genuine work at home business which pays for every click on the ads on your own blog/site, payment is done through check, once you reach the maximum payout of $100.00 Always be careful while creating your Adsense user name and password, make sure that only you have access to your own Google Adsense a/c.

How to promote Google Adsense -

1. One of the best ways to promote Google Adsense is Google Ad words. You will have to choose the budget, keywords and create ads, when people search or browse Google, if your keyword matches with what they are searching for; your ad appears on the left hand side of the Google page. All the ads which is created through Google ad words, appears on the left hand side of the page when their search matches with the keyword you have chosen.

2. Go to and select a button style, this button will boost traffic to your blog/site, this is one of the easiest way to share your page , it will help visitors to view your content, this way you can earn money.

3. Get registered for yahoo answers and if your blog/site content helps in answering the questions asked in yahoo questions and answers , give your blog/site link , this way you can see increase in traffic which will you in making good money through Adsense.

4. Do Google search for top most free web directories and add your ad sense blog/site; this will help to increase traffic and exposure to your site.

5. Write articles on sites which are associated with Google ad sense, the sites which allow revenue sharing with Google will ask for the PUB ID # of Google ad sense a/c, this way you can see Google ads on the articles which you publish and whenever visitor visits your articles chances of earning money is more.

Google Adsense is the fastest way to earn money. Google ad sense is not a get rich quick scheme programme; you will have to promote your ad sense a/c in a proper way to earn good income. Never click on the ads displayed on your own site, Google never encourages such clicks it is very easy for Google to detect such fraud, you’re a/c will be deactivated immediately.


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