Salesman’s Report

If a sales manager intends to manage, direct and control the activities of the salesmen who are scattered all over the different territories throughout the country, he must get requisite information as to their movements, the customers or prospects they have visited and the conditions of the sales in their respective territories regularly. He should also know whether the proper movement of goods is taking place , who are the old and new customers and whether they are satisfied with the products of the firm and the service. He must have also information with regard to the complaints of the customers so that he can readily attend to the. He might have also launched upon a programme of sales promotion. He would be interested in knowing how far it has succeeded.

Since the salesman is the person who is actually on the spot, he makes a report about all these activities to the sales manager. Thus the report of the salesman is the mirror of the sales position in the whole of the sales area. Salesman’s report is a requisite information required by the sales manager about the activities of the salesmen. It also assists the sales manager in determining what more can be done to secure more and larger orders and also to win the confidence of the salesman and the customers.

Salesman’s report provides the raw materials that sales manager makes use of , for gaining insights which provide background materials for evaluation purposes.


The general purpose of salesman’s report to provide requisite information needed for evaluating the performance of the sales personnel. Besides this; the report also contains additional information, which is generally used by the sales manager for other administrative purposes.

The man objectives or purposes of salesman’s report are as follows:

  1. To evaluate the performance of individual salesman.
  2. To control the activities of the salesmen.
  3. To gather or collect information of competitor’s activities.
  4. To record customer’s reactions – Reports contain Information about customer’s policies, services policies, advertising campaigns etc.
  5. To find out the changes in local and business conditions.
  6. To report changes in local and business conditions
  7. To have comparative study of salesmen’s activities.
  8. To acquire necessary information data etc for marketing research.
  9. To collect necessary information, data etc. for marketing research.
  10. To assist the sales personnel in planning their activities.



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