Make money selling web sites or domain names purchased

domain buy and sellThis is something I often did. It was relatively easy and profitable work. Now I have nothing to do with the so-called 'Domain Flipping', I tell you how this works.

Two ways to act in websites and domains

Buying from sites that really worth, here it goes to a first word domain names? As an example we take

Earn money to upgrade a domain?

Every day many people tapping into Every day, without using a search engine. But the problem of this method is that you need a large sum to purchase such a domain. If you are a first class domain name for a relatively low price you can buy it right away. This risk is small and remains sadly.

Fortunately, the second method is more affordable, and you can even start with $20.00 or less. This method works like this, buy a domain with PR, add value to it and then sell them at a profit.

Buying a domain
Logically the next step is finding a domain with a PR. Pagerank is very important and buyers will pay more if you sell the site already has a pagerank.

But where do you find these domains?

I've found that this is the easiest of free online tools such as . If you use fresh drop can go to find multiple sources including hostgator, GoDaddy, eBay and Sedo, while sort Pagerank domains. I have found many domains with a PR and only $ 15 to $ 20 for paid. Search for domains with a short name, without numbers or hyphens, and with good keywords.

On the various forums for webmasters and website domain names are also for sale. The prices are often too high, sites may have a bad history or something you can add no value and therefore the pavement not lose.

By using, google and you can learn a lot about a domain. Do your research before you to buy.
domain value
TIP: Only buy domains that interest you. Example, my interests are blogging, marketing and design, so I will only buy domains that have something to do. Buy domains you're interested in, making it easier and more fun to make a site to make more money can bring.

Adding value to a site

Once you have purchased a domain, the next step is upgrading the domain. The easiest way is using WordPress - it's free, the design is simple to adjust and allows you to quickly articles online. When you put online articles must focus on their quality.

A good quality of products ensures that the price is higher if you sell the domain again. It is therefore important to take the time and some high quality writing articles that actually add value to the website.

The sale of a purchased domain or site

Now it's time to sell your site. Do not be afraid to hold long sites. If you continue to build backlinks and promote the site, it will only increase in value. Remember that each backlink, visitor, and blog post, the value will increase.

Make the sale is always an auction along with a target price. Example: Buy Now price is $ 120.00 and the auction starts at $ 30.00. If there is little enthusiasm for being your site then you do not put away for next to nothing, offer him later on. As I said earlier it can only increase in value.

Small language Web sites I would recommend to sell at market, researching,, or similar forums. For sites that probably more than 400 euros will deliver you the best offer on, , and Publish a news story and ask fellow bloggers about whether they want to publish an article.

Any site which you expected to fetch more than € 100.00 and the results must be in English would stand on ,,, and all other mega webmaster forums .
domain names
How much a site will generate?

That varies greatly, but I regularly sold sites with $ 100 profit.

Make sure, when selling a site, the layout is slick look and the content is unique. From my own experience selling a site faster if it has a minimum pagerank of 3 and in the top 20 of Google is on certain keywords.

TIP: Give potential buyers the idea that they can earn more money than you do on the site.

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