Economics there are many definition of Economics based on various aspects of man life .some of the definitions are as follows 1.Economics tells us how a man utilizes his limited resources to satisfy his unlimited demands. 2.Economics is the study of scarce resources & of determination of income & employment. 3.Economics is the science which studies human behavior as a relationship between ends & scarce means which have alternative uses. Man needs food,clothing & shelter.He gets these things by buying them with money.But he has to work to earn money i.e he has to put his efforts.these efforts bring him satisfaction.let us take example of farmer .A farmer works on his land & grows grain ,but he doesn't keep all for himself.He sells them & get money & buys the things he needs.the process of selling things you don't wasn't & buying that you want is called exchange. All sciences have been developed for the benefit of man. but Economics is a science of man par excellence.Economics is a social sciences that is related to sciences like history & politics.Hence it must have an intimate relationship with the other sciences

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