What is the cause of failures in the Internet business?


Quite often I have to watch how my business partners and many members of our affiliate program discouraged and go away from Internet business. Reasons for this phenomenon could be many. This is not the ability to pursue their goals and a clear plan of action, lack of patience, desire quick profits and a number of reasons, which in this article, I will not be considered.

I want to show one of the key, in my opinion, the reasons why the majority of not achieving those results that count. Incidentally, I, too, until recently, was such as I see now that could change your life before that and get better results than even now 2 years ago.

So to understand this cause, let's look at some examples, and even on the basis of these examples draw a conclusion.

Example № 1.

Wrote me a member of our program "The Russian Million" at the very beginning of its development, and asked when the program will be all the training that was planned, or a business he could not offer to anyone, as he for himself found nothing useful in the training program.

On the one hand this is understandable - at that time was not yet available to all learning, and much still had to learn. But a basic knowledge of these courses could already be applied in practice. The more so because even in the free course identifies the main areas of activity, paid the same rates, these issues are discussed in more detail.

But for some reason he did from the fact that I have read, in practice, did not. He was waiting for will be added to another course, and may, in it he would find for himself something useful ... or saving. Or maybe he was looking at all simply an excuse to do nothing?

Such examples than a dozen. The reason for this behavior lies in ourselves - we are looking for something redemptive, unusual. And when it turns out that there are no secrets, and only need to set goals, plan the sequence of actions and work in this direction, in general, as in any business, we start looking for a reason not to do, hoping that the next time we must be lucky and we will find that life-saving formula that you are looking for.

Example number 2.

Too many people do not properly belong to the business information on the Internet. After reading the text in the ad to sell a product which can achieve results by studying this training material, or how much you can earn by working in any MLM company, a person buys a product, or becomes a partner of MLM companies.

But when time goes by, and expected no result, he begins to blame the author of a product or a company that he has not achieved the results that he promised. And in most cases it all comes down to the fact that people just threw everything at half way and did not do half of what it was necessary to develop yourself and your business.

These two examples reflect the same - we just do not know how to take responsibility. We're so convenient and so much easier - if we have something did not happen, then we will blame someone else but not themselves.

Understand that no bailout is no formula and no matter what you business or training is not offered until you realize that you are responsible for your actions, you will accomplish nothing.

What I'm saying? Too many people do not properly belong to the Web. You need to understand and restructure their thinking so that you work for yourself.

This is not working for someone else, as most offline. And even if you work with any MLM company, you need to understand and realize that it is primarily a collaboration, but does not work on the uncle. This is your own business and treat it to seriously.

Therefore, your results will depend only on yourself, your thinking and your actions.

There is no difference, what training product you bought and who cooperates. Of course, I do not mean that you can buy low-quality educational materials, or to cooperate with dubious companies. This, of course, plays an important role. But if you're hoping for others, not themselves, then this, you will not change anything.

Just a few days ago I spoke with his former boss. He passed away on another job, but after half a year and retired from there. When I asked him if he wanted to go back, he said he was tired to work "for someone" and reasoned, so that now everything depends upon it - how he had "run", so he will be clients ( he is a programmer, and sells in its programs).

This once again confirms that, as in the offline and online people can decide - how much work and how much to earn. I urge you not to give up my job, but you need to now change the attitude toward themselves and their capabilities, and look for the cause that will bring you pleasure and profit.

I am sure that almost all people are equal and capable of much. We need only a little effort, patience and work, and the result is bound to be.

But until you decide to change yourself and you learn to take responsibility, you can never achieve results in the Internet business

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