Being a rural marketer is not an easy job.  Rural markets differ vastly from urban markets so the urban strategies won't work here.  The same applies for a rural marketer.  A Successful urban marketer may fail in a rural market.  A rural marketer should possess the following 10 qualities to survive successfully in the rural market.

  • A rural marketer should have deep understanding of the rural market.
  • A rural marketer should know the difference in urban and rural market and should adapt accordingly with the rural market.
  • A rural marketer should be humble and respectful.  He should show concern towards consumers while conducting business.
  • Rural marketer should aim at building long term relationship, rather than just selling products.  Rural people give more importance to relationship.
  • A rural marketer should have high social skills.  He should be able to create a high good will in the market for the compnay he is marketing.
  • He should understand that a rural market totally differs from the urban market.  So strategies that worked in the urban market won't work in the rural market.  He should consider new insights and conduct market research.
  • Rural marketers should know that rural people are price sensitive.  So care should be taken when launching a product.  It is better to intorduce a compact low priced version of an expensive product.
  • Different promotion strategies and tactics would be needed to promote a product in the rural market.  More importance should be given to the traditional media.

The above qualities are just guidelines and every marketer seeking success in the rural market should follow it religiously.  Any rural marketer following the above eight guidelines would certainly be more successful in pnetrating the rural market and making a mark.  Infact, companies specifically look for these ideal qualities when recruiting a marketer for their rural operations.  So try and inculcate these qualities.

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