I would rather go for smaller business for a country like ours

 Whenever people discuss about small businesses, which are, operated by persons in individual capacities with out professional help and still run successfully, I wish to congratulate them and say well done. This is possible with a lot of hard work

I agree with the points that in a small company we have to consider number of points, where a proprietor is leading it and he is doing it successfully. This is one-man show and he has to handle every thing on his own. Most of the time this is he alone who takes all the decisions regarding every thing related to business, right from business development to payment collection but the things taking a different shape these days. Every thing is taking a professional look now, big or small.

They have started employing some experts to help them in different departments like accounts, human resources and especially in marketing. As marketing is most complicated and time-consuming aspect of a business, this needs full time specialists to handle the dealers and customers.

This is, also needed to have them to extend the business and find the new horizons and open-up the new areas to expend rapidly. Relations with customers are, important factor as far as a successful business matters. Customer is the ultimate for a business and he must feel he belongs to the place as he keeps coming back. I have known many small-scale units, which did fail due to this particular reason, as they were not careful enough to keep their customers associated with them on a regular basis.

Timely supplies are another factor that makes a substantial difference while it comes to be a successful or not all that successful, as customers do not like to wait. This is one of the biggest points and can bring down a company from a successful one to a beaten down one.



Therefore, this is highly recommended to hire experts to move ahead in this competitive time of business. This is era of professionalism and nothing lesser works. Professionals not only recover the cost of them but also turn a business in to bigger profitable one.

Once you have decided to enhance your business you should always have your budget in mind, as this is the prime thing, which will be a deciding factor and will make all the difference. I have always thought that doing things in an unsystematic way will make things go out of hands and will not be beneficial. Therefore, this is absolutely must to see that every thing done in a systematic way and well planned.

Therefore if we summaries the success of a company point-wise, we can see that this is not that the budget alone is important to run a company successfully but the kind of manpower, handling of time schedules, managing of resources available and a good marketing network, they all count. I am sure I was able to keep my points across and could provide some help.

Now I wish to ask a Question-

Answer this question: Do you consider having advertisement too, like print and media. Alternatively, would you keep the traditional way, like, spread it in your friends and neighbors?

Let me provide the answer here itself the way I would have provided, the way I see it:

Customer is the backbone of each business. Without satisfied customers, any business will have trouble maintaining the targeted sales. We must know customer’s exact demands and act accordingly.

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