Many people start blogging task for money making purpose. There is nothing wrong in it because a good blog can earn good and steady income for you. In fact many people are making lots of money from their already popular blogs. And it is one of easy way of earning too. But for making money one should do lots of hard works in starting for making their blog popular before start earning money. After they start getting decent traffic on their site, only work is to found good sponsors by which they can earn money from that traffic of their blog. Now many starters have this question that where to found sponsors for our blog. Well, there are few certain ways using which you can found sponsors for your blog which will pay you as per your blog traffic. So let’s see how you can get good sponsors for your blog.

Start with your family or friends business: This is the easiest and worthy idea to try out. It may possible that from your family members or friends circle running small or big business. And every business needs advertisement for growth. So you can ask them about advertisement on your blog/site in very cheap rates. As they are your family member or friends they will have fully trust on you and as you are giving cheap rates for advertisements they may not deny for it to you. So it is better to for people who are known to you instead for going totally unknown party. They can be good sponsors for your starting. You can even advertise for them for free in starting. I mean if other viewers will see your sites having sponsors then they can contact you for the same. It is always have something than nothing.

Start with small companies: Now it is all depend on your topic of your blog. Suppose you having electronic gadgets related company. So you can try to contact small companies which have similar business in your city or town. As I said everybody wants advertisement for their business so that they can be good sponsors for your site. Start with small companies first, no need to run behind big companies as they may already having good advertising source so they may not give you anything in starting. But small and new companies have small budget in stating and they need cheaper advertisement package too for their business’s advertisement. So it may possible that you able to convince them easily in compare of other big companies. So try out your hand with companies available in your city and start with small business.

Offer Discount: Well, as a starter you also need to saw the sponsors that what benefit they will get if they join you as sponsor. You have to show the difference of rates given by other sites and your site and how much benefit they are getting. Show them proper discount and try to make them convince. Good discount with solid offer can attract sponsor for you for sure. You can also put details about the same on your blog so that sponsors can directly know about your offer. These days discount thing is important in every section, so you can’t ignore it either.

Tell them about status of your site: If you are getting good traffic on your site and you having good page rank, then why not advertise about that too. You can show those figures to sponsors you are convincing. Such good figures can attract and convince sponsors for you more easily. So tell them about your site status and how much benefit they can get because of that. As I mentioned above, put this information on your site too. So viewers can know about your site status and one of them can be sponsor for you in future. So this thing is important. You need to show up about your site otherwise no one able to know about how much your site is popular.

Check other relative blogs: This thing can also help you to get sponsors for your blog. Just search other blogs which are having same subject as your blog. Then on such relative blogs find out sponsors which they are having. You can contact the same sponsors by giving information about your site and your offer for advertisement. It may possible that those sponsors still looking for good advertisement campaign with similar kind of blog. So this way you able to know about sponsors which are already giving advertisements on similar blogs like yours. So it can increase chance for you too.

Try out sites like Adsense: Well, this is the easiest way to get sponsors which will pay you. In fact here you don’t need to go for searching about sponsors. If you having decent traffic on your blog then you can try out sites like Google Adsense which are having lots of sponsors and can share them with you with revenue. No need to go for Google Adsense only you can try out other sites too. So it will be better to have multiple sites for more earning. But make sure that you are other sites are good and can be placed with Adsense and follow or their rules. This is the best idea. Now you can start with Adsense kind of sites in the starting, so that your blog/site start generating revenue from the starting and with that you can try out all above things to get extra sponsors for your blog. So by this way your blog will start generating income from the starting without having separate sponsors for it.

So this is it. By following all above way you can easily generate good sponsors for your blog and starting getting income. The more traffic you are having for your blog, it is better to have chances for getting sponsors. You have to concentrate on every small possibility to have sponsors for your blog. Let me tell you this thing is important. Without sponsors you will earn nothing from your blog. So no benefit for you either. So make sure that you are not missing the good opportunities and you have to try out all possible ways for the same.

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