India is the biggest democratic country in the world. Its great to see that India and China are emerging fast to take control of the world. India and china faces tough competitions in almost all of the fields. Even during the financial crisis time there was a good steep recovery found in our country. Its good to see that India is in front of the race. Infrastructure is a major concern in our country. It is the one department in which there has to be rapid developement. Thanks to the mighty work of bandra worli sea link. It is the matter of time that India will reach the top of the world. Good reforms should be formed to make good government in the country. Have to make a corruption free country which is the only way to impove the country fast to the world class structure. With good new innovation and hardwork i dont think there is anything in the world that will stop India in going to the top of the world. India is a self supported country. With good peace policies aroung the neighbouring nation. Slow to anger fast is peace making have been found in many aspects of the country. As things goes well, its the manpower and faithful politicians by their hardwork and sacrifice we can achiev the perfect place for us in the world.

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