The Human Chain Receiver plays a crucial role to be the best person to address the concerns of the tourist and guide you in your language during your stay. In many countries the guides are bilingual or multilingual professionals who graduate from tourism schools. There are trained, selected psycho, the art of human relations, group dynamics, techniques for the transmission pleasant tourist information, maps, geography, history, archeology, art, dynamics and tourism services receptive, customs, folklore and field practice. It is also important that the guide knows the practical features of the services provided by their colleagues in the receiving chain. For example, work the front desk can be complemented with the guide if you know and respect each other's work. The mastery of several languages is a working tool without which it would be possible to entertain and provide adequate services to a tourist during his stay. The more languages you speak more correctly guide and more work will qualify.

organized tourism

A good guide should be able to captivate his audience while presenting a variety of illustrative and reference topics. The guide is also the "executor" Visitors Program teacher. All that is mentioned as "included" in the program must be fully implemented to avoid complaints. So adjust your explanations to the inclement accurate opening and closing of attractions such as museums, cathedrals and national parks, taking into account the time for meals en route and the toiletries tourists.

There are guides who specialize in urban tourism and contemplative, others in Eco tourism; others are guides instructors in mountaineering, naturism, diving, fishing, water skiing or snow, and bird watching. There are those who work for particular companies and there is “freelance” working on their own piece. In many countries are organized in unions to protect their interests. These unions put pressure on tour operators to hire qualified professional guides with training and get paid a fair wage for their services. An example of the involvement of unions we have on tourism in holy places for Christianity where the church is ignoring guidelines priests use the services of local guides.

There in the inbound tourism industry another form of guiding groups known as "guide-mail", "tour-leader" or "tour escort. They are employed by travel agencies for monitoring stations that visiting programs are met and to ensure the quality of contracted services in the host country. They do not provide illustrative information that is the role of local guides, but you can use them for reference information about the recipient country and to solve the technical problems related tourist services including Package. The "courier" also plays a critical panel as cultural interpreter as a mediator between culture and the receiving station. This mediating role is particularly useful in preventing or clarifies misunderstandings or friction that may arise with native approval. The work of the guide-mail also requires the mastery of language and the ability to treat customers with sensitivity and tact in dealing with a complaint. They are also an important factor in the task of persuading tourists to acquire additional services such as optional excursions.

Travel Guide: Person whose mission is to inform, direct and guide tourists during their stay in the country.

Functions: General Function:

The guide is responsible for coordinating, receiving assistance, leadership, information and entertainment from both local and foreign tourists.

Specific Functions:

Coordination with the operator of Tourism

1. Get instructions the operator on the group of tourists to drive or to perform activities including: flight number or the specifications of the boat, day and hour of arrival, type of tour, orders of services, funding for costs of the tour and passes to restricted facilities.

2. Monitor the transport unit to use.

3. Prepares report on completion of routes.

4. Accompanies tourists on shopping, tours, visits, shows and entertainment.

5. Periodically review the tour group that is under its responsibility.

6. Makes decisions in situations that affect the tourist.

7. Coordinates the services to be provided to tourists during the tours.

8. Assists tourists in first aid and coordinates admission to hospitals.

9. Distribute the time for the different ointments on the itinerary.


Patterns presented in practice guide services can be seen below:

1. Fixed guides (public, private or official) are those which are limited to certain sites serve museums, monuments, palaces, film studios, etc.. In many countries, these guidelines are being replaced with electronic recording systems, which operate at the pleasure of visiting.

2. Guides informants, whose task is limited to local visit and report in the native language, so it may or may not know other languages.

3. Guides interpreters (multilingual), are providing their services to tourists in local tours, regional, national or international.

4. Guides-driver, are also completing the bus or car provides tourist information for each place visited.

5. Guides, drivers, whose mission is limited to at all times to accompany a group of tourists, they are responsible, either on trips or tours regional, national or international. The tourist information provided is general.

Eligibility for TOURIST GUIDE

1. Application in triplicate to the Ministry of Industry requesting Credential Tourism Guide.

2. Photocopy of Curriculum Vitae.

3. Photocopy of identity card (Venezuelan residential) current and legible.

4. Two (02) passport-size photographs of face.

5. Original Health Certificate issued by the Agency's existing authority.

6. Black background copy of Bachelor Degree, Technical Degree and / or Bachelor of Tourism.

7. Copy black background Diploma Course Tourist Guide, issued by an Institute registered with the Ministry of Education branch.

8. Proof of language proficiency granted by the Institute duly authorized by the Certificate of Aptitude, Psychological, issued by a clinical psychologist who must be collegial.

9. Original Counseling Certificate of Fitness issued by a Clinical Psychologist who must be collegial.


* Possess a comprehensive data histrionics and general culture.

* Have received adequate training in a Basic School of Tourism.

* To know the region like the palm of your hand.

* To know fully the tourism and public services.

* Punctuality and honesty

* Proficiency in language that will guide.

* Tolerance and friendly treatment.

* Impeccably dressed, properly identified.

* Inexpensive phone.

* Participated in a course in first aid.

Tourist service providers are:

1. People who conduct tourist activities in the country, such as guitar, transportation, housing, recreation, food and beverage supply, rental of ships, aircraft or land transport vehicles and any other services for tourists.

2. People who are engaged in organizing, promoting and marketing the services identified in the preceding paragraph, on their own or third parties.

3. People engaged in providing information services, promotion, publicity and advertising, administration, protection, relief, health and safety of tourists, without prejudice to other laws.

4. Tourism professionals and those legal persons engaged in the provision of tourist services, as determined by the relevant Regulations.

5. Persons who provide food service bars and the like that offer features, quality and service are part of the tourist offer local, regional or national level.


General knowledge or tourism.

or general knowledge on the role of tour guide.

Knowledge of legislation and Tourism.

or Knowledge of the Tourism Market.

or Knowledge on Cultural Heritage.

or general knowledge of the economic area.

or ability to communicate, guide information.

Ability to drive or groups.

Ability to promote or entertainment activities.

Ability to supervise or

Ability to produce reports or

To ensure adequate training of this guide has been designed in a series of strategic activities. These strategies are divided into:

1. Observation and interpretation of nature

2. Observation and analysis of the tourist group

3. Analysis of maps, pictures or other field instruments

4. Managing supply and use questionnaires and other instruments of tourism marketing study. Management of legal policy.

5. Knowledge of first aid, emergency, survival

6. Able to develop recreational sports, culture, group dynamics with the tourists and the community.

7. With human Sensibility

8. Other.

A nature guide training must meet three processes:

The first one ends with an environmental consciousness-raising target rate should eliminate some of their possible short-term behavior.

The second one aims at removing all traces and fatalistic view of the environment and aims to achieve a critical level.

The third is pursuing a goal of training and extensive and detailed environmental information, trying to eliminate any behavior by uprooting.

The requisites of a good guide

1. The goals in a Tour Guide or camp are prioritized and ranked in a logical order.

2. Each objective aims to satisfy each of the demands of tourists that are considered consistent with a minimal environmental awareness.

3. Each objective also seeks to demonstrate the environmentalist's guide vocation which is considered commensurate with minimal environmental awareness.

Below is a pyramid of objectives must have a nature guide.


1st Priority

* Knowing that govern tourism

* Need for new methods to guide tourists

2nd Priority

* Manage the existing concept of ambient

* Explain the environmental landscape features

* Explain what the problems are environmental

* Manage the recreational aspects of the place


* Explain the characteristics of the environment

* Explain the strongest features

* Report the need to preserve

* Explain safety rules

Male or female, educated or something rather vulgar good-looking or just mediocre. The guide is a permanent participant of the program: you must always carry security features that externally acquired the name after the fact of service (service). All this is true for the flight attendant sex appeal at airports, and for the charge of creating an environment in buses or on the academics of good presence, which must make the classic cultural journey through Italy in eleven days. Not lacking in the travel guide type, which is responsible for seeking accommodation in private houses for their members, villas rest. The weekly program has provided direction to address the tourist from the moment of arrival at destination. <

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