Defination of Communication:- The term communication is freely used by  behacioural theorists management scholars and the general public. while the communication discipline has been varyingly defined over the year recently several defination have been recognized and adopted to understan the meaning of communication .Read the definations that are given below which will help

You understan the concept of coommunication

1. Newman and summer define communication as an exchange of  facts, ideas , opinions or emotions by two or more persons.

2. Bellows gilson and odirone define communication as a communion by words letters symbols or messages and as a way that one organization member shares meaning with the other.

3. According to hoben , communication is the verbal interchange of through or idea.

4.Anderson says communication is the process by which we understand others and in turn endeavor to be understood by them.It is dynamic constantly changing and shifting  in response to the total situation.

5. Berelson and steiner define communication as the transmission og information , idea, emotion, skills, etc by the use of symbols - words ,pictures, figure, graphs etc. it is the actor process of transmission that is usually called communication.


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