As of January 1, 2011 to stop telecom companies for registering the debt with Equifax. This registration provides for unreasonable because their customers.

The moment you fail to account for your telephone to pay, this can bring some financial consequences. This fact is recorded until 2011 and can be viewed by other companies to understand the creditworthiness of customers. A consumer who is late or not paid less creditworthy and therefore may not be able to close more loans. It may even happen that you can not get mortgage if it appears that you have a telephone account with a telecom or not have paid much too late. This applies even if you withhold payment, you left because you disagree with the level of the phone bill.

Stop recording also disadvantages

One of the reasons for a bad credit to apply, is to protect consumers against high debt and payment problems. The disappearance of registration, consumers can borrow more money. Consumers who are not good with handling money are now more likely to get deeply into debt.

Benefits of the cessation of the registration

The telecom companies want in this way their work easier. There is a form of registration because their road time and money. It is not only the registration but also the rework in the form of questions from their customers. They contact the company to request the registration removed. In some cases the false registration by the companies again to rectify. For legitimate registrations, customers will also try to complete the registration removed. The telecom companies were about to register with the emergence of arrears.

The customer will benefit from the recording of payment problems of relatively small amounts going to fall away. Arrears in small amounts relate could affect all ensure that banks provide mortgages to go. Even with paying off the debt, remains the debt incurred in the past five years still visible after it has paid off. Only with an unjust and telecom misregistration could be asked to withdraw the registration.

Consequences of the disappearance of the registration

It is conceivable that more consumers in the future in the indebtedness chain. Banks will have less reason to loans and mortgages to reject, while there may still be current indebtedness. Banks will often run up against in future liabilities that are not reimbursed. This could again result in higher interest rates that banks charge applicable fees, because they get more customers that no longer meet their obligations.

Debts by phone

The financial situation of young people today is weaker compared to previous generations. Nowadays it is usual for tens to hundreds of dollars per month verbellen. These are the fixed costs over the years that many young people absorb much of their budget.

Stop all companies with bad credit?
No, Vodafone, KPN and T-Mobile have announced this.

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