Chapter 1



Just think about this, you become a business owner just sitting at your home without doing any work. You just have to collect dividend checks as they come to you and sit at home to watch your business grow and company progress. Wouldn't you love it? Now u might be thinking that it’s only possible in dreams, then I have an answer for all your questions. It’s not really a dream. It’s so much close to reality that you can ever imagine.


By now you must have got an idea about what am talking about. Yes, it’s about owning stocks. This awesome way of making money, without any doubt, is one of the best ways available in the market for making some good money. Stocks are the first thing, if not the fundamental assumptions from which it all began, in almost all investment companies. Before moving forward on this track to financial freedom, it is important to understand stocks and also how trade is done at the stoke market.


The average person's interest towards the stock market has grown a lot from past few decades. Actually earlier it was considered that only rich people can make money out of stocks but now-a-days its something from which anyone can grow wealth. As the trading technology advanced, it opened the gates of stock markets to the extent that nearly anybody can own stocks.


Though stocks gained a lot popularity but still many people are unable to understand stock. Maximum times one person hears from another one, talking while sitting infront of cooler. They themselves don't know about exactly what they are talking about. You can find many examples from your daily life only. Its obvious that you must have heard somewhere people talking like," The daughter of so 'n' so made so much from a company and now she is involved with another company..." or " Look out when working with stocks, you may loose everything with it. be careful... ". So there are many misconcepts related with stocks. It comes with getting rich mentality, which was on peak during late '90s, when people thought that stocks is the key to get rich in less time and that too without any risk. But this was only till dotcom crashed. After the dotcom crash it was proved that stocks do create a lot of money in less time but its never without risk, there's always risk involved in it. The only way you can survive in stock market is education. To be on the safe side you must understand where to put your money.

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