Foreign investors has so far invested  Rs.60,000 crores in Indian share market. The highest investment so far happened is Rs.70,000 in year 2007. If the present tendency continues it will break the existing record. Last month itself over Rs.18,000 crore was invested. Last year FII's has sold shares of arround Rs.52,000 value.

But compared to Brazil and Russia growth of Indian market is beyond them. This is because of low income in July-September . When Brazil gave 26% returns India gave only 19%. Russia gave 26.55%. Other developing countries which gave good results are Hungary 425, Poland, Korea, turkey at 30%. Australia, England , Americagave an average of 15-28%. Amoung developed countries greece has gives the best returns at 32.69%.

At the same time India's foreign currency stock has been reduced. On last week ending it was 27991 crore comapared to 28077 in last year.

for Investors in share market its time to celebrate. There was an increase in asset of Rs.4.33 crore in last month.In september the index has increased by 10% ie; 1500 points. this is the third best returns got by investors in this FY.

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