In todays life having a Credit Card is normal. It has several benifits, which cannot be neglected. But using a Credit card without a proper discipline can let you face trouble.

I am not talking about the security of your credit card, but some Discipline, which must be followed, while using Credit Card.

1> Do not use your card for making daily shopping, like food, cloths etc. Try to pay using cash or Debit card. This will prevent you from leading to debt.

2> Don't use your credit card to buy those things that you cannot afford.

3>Credit cards are very helpful in emergency situation so keep in mind not to use overall limit of credit card in shooping. It is recomended that you don't go beyond 70% of your credit limit.

4>Try to determine What you Want? & What you need? Try not to use Credit card for your 'wants'. It will take you to unnecessary debt.


So follow the Discipline & make most of your Credit Card.



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