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guys how are you ..... ?

i was discussing  something  about  Plastic  Money  with  my  colleagues  and  some  friends , that  they  have  used  it or  not  if  yes  then  how  often   they  use  it , if  not  why  ....... ?

as  the  banks  and  financial  institutions  are  introducing  their  plastic cards  i  mean  credit  cards  and  debit  cards which  we  often  used  in  our  daily  financial  needs .  they  are  become  a  mandatory needs  of  our  life  and  we  are incomplete  without  them , if  go  for  shopping  then  we  need  credit  card we  can  use  our  cash  for  that  but  as  the cash  carring  is  become  a  hassle  and  risky  for  life . so  we  must  carry  our  credit cards  or  debit  cards  .

Young  generations  are  more  comfortable with  its easy  use  and  they use it mostly  on  shopping  , cinemas , restaurents , malls  , hospitals  etc . we must  use  it  too as  some  banks  are  offering  cash  back  on  our  daily  uses  of  credit  cards  or  debit  cards .

it's  very  useful when we  need  some  cash  in  emergency or  in  night just  go  to  any  ATM  and  withdraw  the  needed money and use it as could  not  go to  banks in  night or  suppose  you  are  Going  to some  other palace  then  your  residence and  you  have  some  cash  in  your  hand but  as you  know  it's risky  to  carry  cash  in  hand then  don't worry deposit the  cash in  bank  and  withdraw it  from  your  ATM .

Good  news  is  that  don't  worry  about  your  bank  ATM if  it's  not around  your  residence  or  office  then  use  your  ATM  card  on  other  bank's  ATM and  its  uses  are  free  as  per  the  RBI regulation but  in  a  limit only  5 - Times .

Save  more , shop more  and  earn  more  on  your  credit cards  or  debit  cards . let  the  people know  about  Plastic  money  you  have  and  encourage  them  about  the  plastic  money  uses  and  it's  benefit . It's  use  is  good  in  way  to  save  the  trees and  Papers  and  less Cost  cutting  of  Hard work  and  time  for  printing  the  notes .

RBI  also  planning  to  introduce  the  plastic notes  because  their  life  is  more  than  the  ordinary  one  as  per  the  news  i  received  from  news sources . that's  a good  Planning  of  RBI .


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