This is a letter to the Bank of Baroda, asking for a loan to set up a small scale industry of your own.


M. Krishna

21-17 door


Industrial estate

Hyderabad - 500020

Date: 0-0- 2009




The manager

The Bank of Baroda

Bank Street

Hyderabad- 500025


Dear Sir,

Last week when I came to the bank on some official work, I remember the long conversation had on the role of state sector banks in the small scale industrial sector. It was your encouragement and a verbal promise of financial aid that emboldened me to apply for a loan to set up a small scale unit of mown.

Actually, I have been carrying out research on various projects right from the days when I was studying for my diploma in dress designer in grand master, Tokyo. In Hyderabad, I have been working as a design master with Agrippa knitting and garments for the five years. Hence, to day I feel confidence that with my education, research and experience, I am well equipped to venture out on my own.

As I had maintained to you earlier, I have acquired a factory of 2000sq. feet at Jeedimetla. I have also sent an initial payment of 50,000/- for the purchase of five knitting machines from Punjab. Each of these machines costs rupees 1, 10,000/- hence, I shall be grateful if you could grant me a loan 3, 50,000/- for the purchase of these machines, raw material and initial overhead expenditure.

My father, who has a fixed deposit of rupees 1, 50,000 in your bank, has promised to stand surety for me. I also promise to abide by all the rules and regulations laid down by your bank, with regard to the payment of interest and the repayment of the amount in fixed installments.

With your co-operation and help and my ability and dedication, I am sure I shall be able to translate my dream of Rohan knitting stitching works into a reality.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely,

m. Krishna


Place: Hyderabad

Date: 0-0 – 2009.

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