Borrowing money is not without risks

For many people, money is a problem. Somewhat difficult to explain, because how is money really a problem? What is meant by a money problem? Not enough money to buy luxury items that can not, or if not more basic needs can be met?

Borrow, borrow, borrow

Through various commercials show lenders that lend money have the most normal thing in the world. Great to go through all those renovations in mind, look nice on holiday or a new house has in mind. The range of lenders is large. The rate range is advantageous for the customer. Because these lenders are facing fierce competition, it remains low.

Risk Meter borrow

Ultimately, no one who borrows money cheaply finished. Indeed, there is simply no one will lend money without personal gain to want to be. To meet the many risks associated with borrowing money, the National Institute of Budget Information to the risk meter borrow 'designed. It can calculate whether a particular loan or not justified. This meter can be used before deciding whether or not a loan to cover.

Several banks also offer this to meters. However, therefor beware. Banks see one another's and another reason, namely to what someone can borrow up to. With the risk indicator of Nibud a consumer can see whether or not a loan in the pocket and whether the monthly repayments affordable.


Another negative feature of borrowing money is that there are debts. Especially if one turns out to be against things. The rebuilding is not easy, the holiday is over - but not yet paid ... That way, borrowers can kick in a large trap, namely the creation of debt. The consequences will not be wrong. And since lenders usually do not let the grass grow ...

Advantages and disadvantages

In short, the borrowing of money advantages but also disadvantages. And those two have quite a few similarities. The ease of borrowing money is a big pitfall. Some people can not handle it and spending money too fast. Money should indeed roll. And the more money borrowed, the more it can be issued ...

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